Dianna found herself slipping in and out of consciousness, her lungs burning from the chemicals in the air. Human factories and cars pumped gaseous poisons into the atmosphere twenty four seven. Thinking about this only made Dianna feel worse.

Her fingers slipped from her hold on Zade's pelt. She tumbled to the pavement, rolling over and over.

Annabelle made to pick her up again but Dianna held up a hand, "Please. No,"

Zade whimpered, sitting on his haunches. Dianna wanted to die. Her tail could never grow back fully and her lungs were already starting to bleed.

"What's your name?" Annabelle grabbed her hand, holding it tight.

"Dianna," She whispered hoarsely.

"Annabelle," The human girl replied, smiling kindly.

Dianna looked up at the star-dappled sky above her, studying the familiar constellations.

"You two go. Leave me here," Dianna murmured, worming her hand out of Annabelle's grasp.

Annabelle opened her mouth to protest but Zade placed his chin on her shoulder, whimpering softly.

They had to go.

Annabelle mounted the werewolf and they left, together, beneath the light of the full moon.

Dianna watched the stars until she could watch them no longer, her heart beating its last. Her last thought was of Daniel, and the glorious sea.


The End

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