A Scarred HeartMature

Dianna watched as Zade was tortured endlessly, reaching phase eight of the shocking mechanism. By that point, he was ready to die. The humans incessantly asked about the war, in which Zade honestly knew nothing about, and when he answered just as truthfully, they believed he was lying and let another shock jolt through his already weary body.

She wanted to help, but she could do nothing, not while the humans were there. They had barged in just minutes after leaving her body on the ground, immobile, to take care of Zade again. They were unsatisfied with his response—which was the same every time, give or take a few muttered curses. And they were angry, obviously they hadn’t gotten answers from the other beings either.

Dianna wanted no part of this. She was ambushed in the ocean, her home, and contained for examination aboard a nameless ship. They sailed her to shore where she was then transferred here, to the warehouse of Hell. She was unconscious when Zade arrived, and had been until very recently. He asked for answers, and since he was in the same position as she, Dianna gladly gave them.

But the situation had changed now.

The agents had brought in Annabelle.

Zade’s face contorted with sadness, an incomprehensible sadness that tormented his soul, that hurt him more than the volts that jerked him around. Dianna needed no explanation from Zade to know who she was. She could very well tell that much by the expression plastered on his face. The agents, Perne and Silvia, approached Zade fearlessly, Annabelle held in their grasp.

He thrashed against the chains, not caring how raw it made his wrists as they dripped blood down the length of his forearm, tracing a protruding vein as it did so. The clanking of metal against metal screeched in the air.

Annabelle stayed strong, for Zade, as the agents prodded him for more information.

“God dammit! I’m telling you the truth!” Zade screamed, his outburst echoing in the room.

Perne grinned sadistically. Silvia nodded at Perne and she fetched something from another room. When Perne returned, she had a hot poker in her hand, the end burning bright orange, small embers falling off at the heat. Annabelle squirmed as she moved towards her.

“Touch her and I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you all!” Zade shouted, his rage causing his body to quake visibly.

Dianna felt a pang of sorrow shoot through her heart. Her mate, Daniel, had been here with her, captured trying to save her. But they had killed him, hoping it would stir up a confession. Dianna had been grieving over his loss for a week now, and the pain had not faded or dimmed, instead the pain grew tenfold at the sight of Zade and Annabelle.

Zade was speaking incoherently, Annabelle hushing him consolingly.

“I’ll suffer anything to keep you alive,” he said.

“And I’ll do the same,” Annabelle replied calmly, eyeing Perne, and then when her gaze moved behind the agent, noticed Dianna. She moved quietly, but swiftly, and with the remainder of her energy, now newly fueled by anger, she swung her maimed tail at Perne’s legs, knocking her to the floor with a heavy thud. The poker flew to the shadows where Dianna hid these past few days. Annabelle struggled against Silvia’s grip, however his hold on her was rough and steely. She leaned down low and elbowed him in the groin, stifling a laugh as he stumbled away, releasing her.

And then Annabelle began her attack on the agents that had nearly killed Zade. With a flurrying barrage of jabs and fierce kicks to Silvia, he fought back with equal intensity, and a skill that only he was trained for.

Annabelle was quick to catch onto his moves and she copied them gracefully, anticipating Silvia’s moves as soon as he went to make them. She was hit a few times; her lip was bloody and swollen, her cheek bruised slightly, and her ribs felt as if they had been broken, though she was sure that they were bruised at the very least. Dianna held Perne on the ground while Annabelle tried to take down Silvia alone.

Zade, enraged by Annabelle’s injuries and also by her stubbornness, whipped his legs upward, pushing with all his might against the wall behind him to break free of the chains. He had been too weak to do this before, but with adrenaline coursing through him, his power was infinite…at least to him it felt that way. Dianna watched as fur rippled across his flesh and his limbs stretched and bones cracked. His reverberating howl captured everyone’s attention and they all witnessed him break through the silver shackles, the chain links snapping and ricocheting off of any surface that interfered with their path.

He slid to the ground on his back, cushioned by his silver pelt, and he leapt for Silvia. With one elegant jump, he had the agent by the throat, and he bit through the sinew and straight to the bones in Silvia’s neck so fast that all Dianna saw was Silvia falling to the ground, blood spurting from his jugular.  

She rolled away from Perne, knowing he would go for her next.

Zade turned to the agent and ripped her arms off with his teeth, enjoying his revenge on her. He stomped on her thigh, snapping the bone, which luckily for Zade, had sliced her femoral artery.

She’d bleed out in less than a minute.

Now they had to escape, and they had to do it now.

Zade gestured for Dianna to climb on his back and she looked at him, confused. With Annabelle’s help she was placed onto him, clutching desperately onto the fur of his brutish neck.

They ran down corridors, sneaking past guards and other agents, but they saw no exit. “How many others are here?” Annabelle asked Dianna so quietly it was almost inaudible.

“None, just us. They all are dead.”

Annabelle lowered her head in a moment of silence for the lost souls, thankful that they had been spared by some divine intervention. They wandered the dark, dismal corridors until finally they made it out of the warehouse maze.

They could hear the sounds of alarms blaring behind them as they ran into the blazing sunlight, into freedom.

The End

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