Tides of WarMature

If only that young couple had known what was to come.


Far away at the UN, a meeting was taking place. The President of the United States of America, and the Prime Minister had called it to discuss certain images which were taken.

"These satelite images were taken at 0800 this morning," A secretary passed out duplicates of three images showing several dark blurry splotches traveling over country terrain.


The world leaders studied the images, turning them this way and that, attempting to make sense of them.

"This will be hard to explain for some of you," Translators rattled off the secretary's words in a score of different languages.


"But what you are looking at are four witches flying over Virginia, U.S.A."


The room fell silent. All that could be heard was the clock ticking on the wall.

Then the leaders took action.

Phones buzzed and rang all across the world at military stations.

The word was out.

The supernaturals were on the rise.

The End

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