Glorious ChaosMature

Vesta stirred methodically, contemplating the amber swirls on the surface of the inky black liquid.

Candlelight flickered over the surface of her thin face, illuminating her hazel eyes in the darkness.

A black cat leaped atop a stack of aging spell books by her cauldron, purring loudly.

The witch absently scratched its head, thrilled by the eerie pleasure she gained from it. The cat was, in fact, her soul and by pleasing it, she pleased herself.


Vesta smiled, pulling her hand away from the cat. It meowed loudly but she ignored it, dipping a vial into the liquid.

Fresh wolfsbane – One hundred percent pure and guaranteed to work in under a minute.


She sniffed the concoction, breathing in its heavy putrid stench.

Tucking it away into her jeans pocket, she stepped onto the edge of her apartment’s windowsill, her eyes fixed upon the ground far below.

With a catlike leap, she left the sill, landing on her feet in moments.

Smiling with satisfaction, Vesta made her way through the thinning crowd of late-night travelers and drunks, enjoying the mayhem that erupted on the streets after sunset.

Two men raped a little girl in an alley.

A woman kicked an elderly gentleman in the groin, stealing his money.

A man beat his young son outside his home, while his own wife cried as she beheld the scene from the window.


Vesta closed her eyes for just a moment, taking in the sounds of evil all around her.

Oh how she loved the night.


She opened her eyes, glancing up at the moonless sky with a frown. It was a new moon.

The wolfsbane could possibly hurt Zade if she wasn’t careful.

Fingering the vial, she continued through the darkness, a smile alighting on her gaunt face as she saw the condo where Zade and Annabelle were staying.


With an almost too easy snap of her fingers she was within the room where they slept. They slept close to one another, him holding her.


Vesta tiptoed cautiously towards them, holding the vial at arms length.


Night will fall and drown the sun


She titled the vial, a few precious drops falling onto Zade’s lips.


A false moon awakens this one


The liquid dripped into his mouth, sliding down his throat.

Vesta smiled as the boy’s body shivered and rippled, his clothes splitting as his body grew.

The witch left to Annabelle’s screams ringing in her ears.


Glorious chaos.

The End

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