Vesta regarded Annabelle with growing dislike from her perch in the tree above them. She had hoped to gain an ally when she had seen Zade.

And Vesta needed an ally - more than he would ever know.

The tides of war were turning against them and soon, all would be lost for people like her and Zade.

She tucked a stray strand of black hair behind her ear, smiling to herself as she imagined what he might do if he found that he could not return to his current state.

"Soon, lycanthrope, you will feel the horror of your reality and you will join me. They all join me in the end," Vesta hissed under her breath as the two horses disappeared around a bend in the path.

The witch, an eerie smile painted on her thin face, jumped from the tree. She would follow them until she got what she wanted.

And what she wanted, was Zade.

The End

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