Full MoonMature

A heart, his heart, thudded in his ears as his massive paws
pounded the forest floor.

 The full moon cast an
eerie glow over the land, illuminating the hindquarters of his prey. It was a
doe, leaping and bounding through the undergrowth in a wild attempt to escape
its pursuer.

He licked his lips in anticipation, coiling his muscles for
the final leap.


Soaring through the air, silver pelt gleaming in the
darkness, the werewolf latched its claws on the haunches of the doe.

It crumpled beneath his weight, bones snapping.

The werewolf held the wounded creature to the ground as it
squirmed in desperation to get away.

With one quick bite, the doe’s neck was broken.


The monster sank its teeth into its juicy tender flesh,
relishing the taste of the hot blood trickling down his throat.

The moon was sinking.

Looking up, he realized he had to return to camp before the
sun rose.

…..Before he was left out there in the middle of a bloody carcass
for her to find him.


Taking one last mouthful of meat, the werewolf padded away
into the night, his tail wagging happily.

If one didn’t know any better, they would have said he was
as tame as an dog.

The End

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