From Brendon's Eyes

   It had been an hour since I wrote the email with the invite. She still hadn't replied. Why? Was the connection, the sparks between us, all a figment of my imagination? Sebastian barged into my room.

   "Brendon!" he yelled.

   "Yes, I can hear you," I replied, anxious to see what he wanted this time.

   "Did you call that girl from the pool?"

   "Marie? How do you know about her?"

   "I kept an eye on you," he stated suspiciously.

   "Sebastian! You creep. No, I didn't call her yet. Yes, I contacted her. By email. An hour ago. I've been waiting by my desk ever since."

   "Ha-ha, you have no life."

   "You're nine."

   "Touche," he replied, and exited my room promptly. How could he tell I was interested in her? He's only nine! Was it that obvious? My younger brother could be so sharp sometimes. Ugh.

   Suddenly, I got a notification. Marie had emailed me! I couldn't wait to open it.

FROM: Marie Miller,

TO: Brendon Wright,

"Mr. Brendon":

Ha-ha. Get it? You called me "Miss Marie"? Anyways, I would love to go get some ice cream with you. Maybe we could stroll around  afterward, and I could show you some cool places around town. Yeah. Sounds good. I'm excited. So......

It's a date. See you at eight (see how that rhymed!!!).


   "It's a date." Man, Marie sure knew how to make me get butterflies. Ha-ha. What a manly thing to say. Anyways, I was so excited, I could barely sleep that night. What a day.


The End

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