When we got home, I ran to my bedroom. First, I tacked the little piece of paper with Brendon's contact information on my bulletin board. Next, I jumped onto the computer to compose an email. Then, I hesitated. Would he think I'm obsessing about him the way I am? I didn't want him to get the feeling I was crazy about him, even if I thought I was. So I waited.

   For two hours, I stalled. I tried to read, but couldn't get into a book with him on my mind. I tried to draw, but all my lines started to curve and bend into his face. I made some Kool-Aid. I ate some chips. I thought about Brendon the whole time.

   After those two hours, I couldn't stand it. I brought up the browser again, and Brendon had emailed me! I was so excited. My hands were shaking as I clicked "Open".

FROM: Brendon Wright,               

TO: Marie Miller,

Miss Marie-

   Sorry if I sound so eager. Summer's already boring for me. Not that I'm excited for school, or anything. There's just nothing to do at my place! We should hang sometime. Preferably as much as possible. I just moved here, and my neighborhood is full of old people. Every single one gave us a pie as a housewarming gift. If you're in need of a lemon meringue fix, I'm your guy. Ha-ha. Because of the lack of people approximately my age around here, I don't really know too many people yet. Except for you. Speaking of you, we should go to the ice cream parlor at eight tomorrow night. Email me back if you can.

Talk to you ASAP,


Wow. Whoa. Brendon Wright wanted to go get ice cream with me, Marie. This counted as a date, right? This was insane. I quickly typed up a reply.



The End

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