He was tall and lean with an athletic build. His dark hair fell just before his striking blue-grey eyes. I was at a loss for words, but somehow manage to sputter "Uh, hi. I'm Marie. Marie Miller. Hi."

   "Brendon Wright," he stated in reply, extending his hand for a firm handshake. "I was actually wondering if you would go down the slide with me. There are only double tubes left, and I guess I just need a pretty girl to share one with." This, of course, made my cheeks flush even redder than they were before.

   "Um, sure. Thanks."

   "Thanks? I thought I was supposed to say that." My face was red hot by this time.

   "Thanks for calling me pretty, I guess," I mumbled, embarrassed out of my mind.

    "I'm not responsible for your beauty, Miss Marie. And thank you for accepting my offer," he answered in a calm, even tone. He then went over to get an inner tube from the pile. I was regretting all my stupidity when he came back and asked, "So, are you here with anyone?"

   "My little sister. I think she's with a friend. You?"

   "My little brother, actually. Also with a friend," he chuckled before saying, "So, are you with anybody?"

   "No, my sister left to be with her friend."

   "I meant love-wise." Wow, I felt really stupid. Why was he asking me this? Could it be that the extremely gorgeous Brendon liked me?

   "Oh, yeah, no. I'm single right now," I stated in embarrassment.

   "Me too. Cool," he said smoothly.

   "Yeah, I guess." We stood in line in silence for a while. "Uh, well, do you wanna, like, hang out today?" I asked, hopeful.

   "I think that's a great plan, Miss Marie." Those eight words started the best day. I had such an amazing time. We exchanged contact information as the sun started to set, and I walked away from Brendon, smiling ear to ear.

    I rode home as fast as I could. "Marie!" Lottie yelled, "Slow down!" I stopped. "You like him, don't you?" she questioned.

   "What?" I was not going to let my little sister call me out on my new feelings for Brendon.

   "That guy from the pool. The tall one. You have a crush on him!" she accused, smiling at her new discovery.

   "Yeah," I admitted, "I think I might."



The End

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