Swimming Alone

   We wheeled down Park St. to the city pool, parking our bikes at the slot farthest from the entrance. Every other place was taken, and there was a pile of bicycles on the grassy patch. Lottie insisted that we hold hands while walking down the hot concrete path. I prayed that Violet wouldn't see.

   Violet Jones had been my enemy since third grade, when she told everyone in the class I had to wear a bra already. At eight years old, this was embarrassing to me, and hilarious to everyone else. How rude. Anyways, Violet and her gang were out to get me whenever they could. And if they could'nt ruin my day, they'd just pretend I don't exist. However, they'd have a excruciating story if they got a good look. So I proceeded to hide my face under my wide-brimmed hat until we got to the front desk.

   "Two?" the admissions girl presumed, chomping on her gum.

   "Yeah," I replied, "one kid and one adult."

   "Cool." She charged us our (overpriced) admission, and Lottie dragged me to the locker room.

   "Oh my god, Marie! What if Sarah is here? Oh my god, that would be, like, the best, wouldn't it?" Lottie gushed, assuming I knew who the hell 'Sarah' was. "That would be, like, the awesomest thing ever. Wait, unless Bella is here. I hate her so much!"

   "Yeah," I muttered, distracted by dressing, "sure." When we were both in our swimsuits, we promised to meet at the concessions stand at noon. She proceeded to run off with some friend, leaving me alone in a crowd of half-naked people.

   I wandered aimlessly for a while, looking for someone I recognized. After a while, I went into the freezing pool, shuddering until I reached the 5-foot mark. Roaming around in the crowded main pool got quite boring after a while, so I went over to one of the waterslides.

   I was just a few yards away from the start of the line when I felt a light tap on the shoulder. I quickly turned around and saw him for the first time. Our eyes met, and the unspoken sparks flew wildly. He was captivating.


The End

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