Chapter Two- Three Days Ago (Part Two)Mature

            When we finally made it to the street that leads to my neighborhood, we were caught off guard by an array of flashing police car lights. Blinded and a little stunned, we were motioned off to the side of the road by a police officer. We sat there for thirty minutes in silence waiting for them to tell us we could continue, but nothing. Finally, Macy got tired of waiting and got out of the car. “Macy, stop.” I yelled, but she ignored me and kept going. As she got closer to the police officers I watched her face, looking for any signs of what was happening. When she finally got close enough her face dropped and her hand flew to her mouth like she was about to hurl. Running back to the car she was pale as a ghost. Slamming the door behind her she started to break down in tears.

“Macy, what’s wrong. What is up there?” I asked trying to get her to calm down.

            “Annabelle, it’s just awful, a man, he was,” Whatever it was, must have been bad because I have never seen Macy speechless.

“Macy, tell me!”

            “He was all torn up, his face looked like it had been shredded, his arms and legs, they were everywhere. And the worst part was, he had bites all over him. It was like he had, ugh Annabelle it was awful.”

As I tried to imagine what happened, a part of me wanted to see it for myself. Not because I didn’t believe her, but because nothing like that seems like it could be real. While I sat there contemplating, Macy whipped out her phone and started texting everyone. Before I knew, it I had opened the door and started to walk up there. Behind me I heard Macy screaming for me to come back, but it was too late. When I got close enough I recognized something familiar about this body. Then it hit me, the shoes. It was the man from the parking lot. Remembering everything he told me, I broke down to tears and caused enough of a scene that a police officer ran over to me. As he tried to walk me back to the car I started to tell him about earlier.

“He came up to me, and told me I was going to die, if I didn’t leave town. Then he said if they, if they knew he told me, then he would die too. And now he is dead, what does this mean, am I going to die? It’s my birthday today, I don’t want to die. I’m not old yet. Will I get ripped and bitten like that. Is that my fate for coming tonight. From now on, I’m listening to Kipton, ” I don’t know if the police office could understand me through my tears and constant sniffles, but he told me to stay put while he got Macy out of the car.

            After calming me down he motioned for another officer to retrieve Macy from her car. Putting us in the back of his car he reached over the front seat and started to radio the station. “Uh yeah, this is Officer Peterson. I have two pedestrians here who need to be escorted to their homes.  I think they had a little too much fun at the party tonight, if you know what I mean.”

“Roger that Officer Peterson, the only officer I have available right now is Greenie.”

            “Where is Gamous?” Officer Peterson asked.

“He took a personal day; I think Millie had a dance tonight.” By the way this officer was acting when he realized Greenie was his only option, we could tell he was trouble.

“Oh alright, uh Greenie will have to do, just make sure he is ready. This will be his first night out alone.” 

“Will do, you can expect him in twenty.”

             “Over and out” Officer Peterson said as he hung the radio back on its base.  

            Closing the door Macy and I were left alone, upset and scared. As we watched the lights flash over and over again, we wondered why there haven’t been any cars driving past. This was the only street that leads to our neighborhood and tons of people usually crowd it. We watched as the other cop car pulled up to the scene and the officer walked over to Peterson. In their hush mumbles, we tried to understand what they were saying, but no luck. About five minutes later the two of them walked over to the car and Peterson opened the door.  

“Alright ladies, here is your escort home.” He said as we starred at this officer Greenie. He was about 5”9”, short blonde hair, pale white skin and looked like he was wearing lip gloss his lips were so rosy.           

“What about my car?” Macy asked. “I can’t just leave it here on the side of the road.”

 “Mam, if you don’t leave it here, you will be sitting here until morning. This is going to take all night to clean up. And I’m sorry, we can’t let you stay here. Please, step out of the car and go with Officer Greenie.”

             “Fine, but I will be here first thing in the morning to pick it up!” Macy yelled as we stepped out of the car and followed the other officer over to his.

             As soon as the door was shut, something about this cop just seemed weird. Maybe it was because Officer Peterson felt a little weird about him taking us too. Either way, I didn’t care who took me home, I just wanted to be home. When he pulled up to Macy’s house she gave me a hug and whispered Happy Birthday, then ran inside. That’s when things started to get a little weird. Being in the car alone with the officer, made me a little uneasy. He was quiet as mouse when Macy was in the car, but now that she is safe in her house, he is speaking up. 

            “So you must be Annabelle, did I hear it’s your Birthday?” Dang super hearing much. 

“Yeah, 19 today.”I said barely over a whisper.

                        “Well, what a way to celebrate your birthday huh?” he laughed. “Parties, dead guy, and riding home in a cop car.”

 “Yeah awesome, I’m scarred for life.” I said laughed sarcastically.

             “Awh, come on. That one thing shouldn’t bother you. You’re way to pretty to have not had a good time.” He laughed

 “How does being pretty automatically grant me a fun night?” I asked.        

“I didn’t say your night was over.” He smiled creepily.

 “Yeah, could you go a little faster? It’s been a long day and I just want to go home so I can go to sleep.”

             “You’re asking a cop to speed?” he laughed. “Don’t make me cuff ya.”

 “Sorry, wasn’t thinking. Just turn here please.” I said using my hand to point out the street even more.

             After he turned onto my street I was about show him which house was mine, when he pulled into the drive way. “How did you know that this was my house?” I asked a little creped out.

 “Cop cars have a built in GPS, see?” he said as he pointed to a screen attached to the roof of the car. That was currently turned off.      

“Oh, yeah I forgot.” I said, trying to play along. “Alright well thank you.”

 “Are you sure you’re alright?” the officer asked as he stepped out of the car to open my door.

             “Yes,” I lied, ready to get away from him.

 “Alright,” he said as I stepped out and headed for the front door.

             “Oh, Annabelle,” the officer called behind me.

 “Yes,” I said, still walking to the door.

             “I’ll see you real soon.” He yelled. “Sweet dreams.”

             Unlocking the door, I spun around inside quickly closing and locking it behind me. “Sweet dreams”? I asked myself. Taking a deep breath, I set my stuff down on the kitchen table. “I’m safe now.” I told myself. Walking into the living room I flopped down onto the couch and reached for the phone. Dialing Kipton’s number from memory, I watched as it connected, then slowly took a breath

  “Annabelle, what’s wrong?” I paused before answering, did something always have to be wrong? And who picks up the phone like that? 

            “It was just a really long night. Macy tried to play matchmaker again.” I laughed.

 “Oh no, who was the loser this time?” Kipton asked, not surprised.

             “Actually he wasn’t so bad. His name was Andrew Day and I think I might actually go back out with him sometime.” I said cautiously remembering Kipton hated my boyfriends.

             I swear, every boyfriend I have had since our break up has ended up injured somehow. David Ray, two black eyes and a broken rib. We dated for about six days, until Kipton heard he was going to help me loosen up. Ryan Murlando, Broken hip. We were together maybe three months, until he told someone who told Kipton, he was going to get it in soon. Josh Jared, ugh he was cute. Anyways, shattered nose, twisted knee and a fractured spleen, we dated a month. Note to my future boyfriends, don’t lie about already have gotten it in. Either way, it’s safe to say, I haven’t had a lot of boyfriends since the break up with Kipton.        

“Andrew Day, was she smoking something? Why would she try to set you up with that meat head, that’s low even for Macy.” He yelled through the phone; making my ears ring.

             Laughing I whispered, “He just moved here, how would you know what he’s like?” I asked

 “Well, I know men like him.” Kipton laughed. “They’re all the same, Annabelle. No one deserves you.”

             “Hmm, but you did?”

 “Well, I didn’t say that.” He started to mumble. “I just meant, lately. Your choice in men hasn’t been the best.” He coughed.

             “Andrew might be different.”I smiled. “He didn’t give me goosebumps, but he was really sweet.”

 “Annabelle, not this dream guy again.” He whined. “He is imaginary, that’s why you never see his face.” He laughed.

 “Anyways, dream killer.”  I said changing the subject.

 “Anyways,” he laughed. “Other than Andrew Day, did you have a good birthday?” he asked.

             “It’s definitely one I’ll remember.” I said trying to not bring up the accident or the creepy police officer again tonight. I needed to get some sleep.

 “Alright, secrets are cool.” He whined. He knows me to well.

             “It’s nothing.” I said as I forced a fake yawn. “Just my crazy imagination.”

 “Well, as long as you’re sure you’re okay.” He said slowly.

             “I am,” I lied. “Hey, Kipton,” I paused not sure how he was going to react to the rest of my question.

 “Yes Lee,”

             “Do you think you could stay on the phone with me tonight, at least until I fall asleep? I don’t want to go to sleep alone.” I asked, listening to the silence that engulfed my house while I waited for his response. I don’t care how childish I sounded, I was scared.


             “Thanks.” I whispered

 “That’s why I’m the best friend.” He laughed quietly.

             “Right.” I laughed sarcastically.

             Later that night I was jarred awake by Kipton’s snores. Reaching over, I grabbed the phone I laid on my pillow and hit the off button. Sitting up in bed I rubbed my eyes trying to get them to focus. Realizing it was still dark outside, I looked at the clock I saw it was only four thirty. Great. Standing up I walked to the bathroom and took a sip of water. When I was just about to walk, stubbornly back to bed, a noise outside my window caught my attention. Looking up, I saw someone’s shadow sitting on the roof trying to see in. Taking slow steps, whoever it was must have heard me, by the time I got over to the window, they were gone. Nothing.

Letting the curtains fall back closed, just as they hit together the doorbell rang, bouncing off the walls as it brought the chilling factor I was not alone. Suddenly there was a deep growl coming from the down stairs. Racing to my bed, I pulled the covers tight over my head. There was no way I was going to be brave like the character in horror movies and see who it was. Closing my eyes, I tried to sleep, but time drifted slowly as I realized I was done sleeping for the night.

The End

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