Chapter One- AnnabelleMature

Everything you see in the movies is only a glimpse into what you truly experience. Sure they may have the first part right, but it’s what happens after the burning pain that sends your body into uncontrollable spasms- that’s the part they tend to leave out. It could be the simple fact that most don’t live long enough to have experienced what comes next, but my opinion is, truly words cannot describe what happens to you. Trust me, I wish it was as simple as being bit, phasing, only to complete the phase with just a drop of blood, but it’s not.

                Some people get to choose to have this happen to them, those who envy eternal life. For some though, the choice was never theirs to make. The unlucky few, who like me, were hunted and turned for a specific purpose, we never had a choice. My fate had been decided long ago, and no matter how hard I try to change that, I can't. I can still remember the first words I heard as I awoke, reborn into this new way of life I hadn't known existed. The man reading aloud, a stranger to me until recently, and the words spilling from his lips, my fate laid out in a matter of sentences.

"It wasn’t that they were going to fall in love by some strange chance but, the inescapable fact that they would. There is no error, no room for doubt. They were meant to be together, whether they liked it or not."

In that moment, I was no longer the girl who liked to read books with her father Friday’s after dinner. I was no longer an older sister to a little boy who still believed in Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. And in that moment, I was no longer a cooking assistant to my mother for the nights she dared testing out new recipes found off, yet another, questionable food site. It was in that moment, fate claimed me, and I became nothing more than a girl who would forever fall under expectations for a way of life I never asked to be a part of.



The End

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