Prologue- Bloody MaryMature

In this story, Airely, a normal (human) girl, has her world thrown upside down in a matter of days. One day she is out celebrating her nineteenth birthday. The next, she is having to fake her own death just to save those she loves the most. Now, in between traning and learning how to control all of these new urges, she has to deal with Hayden. The everso handsome and mysterious new guy, who hates her because of something she has no control over. A future she didnt choose for herself.

 Queen Mary I was born: February 18, 1516, inside the Greenwich Palace, in London, England. Her father was King Henry VIII Tudor (King of England) and her mother was Catalina De Aragon. Queen Mary I married Felipe II Habsburg (King of Spain) July 25, 1554, at the Winchester Cathedral, in Hampshire, England. She acceded the throne on November 30, 1553, at the Westminster Abbey, in London, England. She died on November 17, 1558, at the St. James Palace, in London, England. She was said to have been buried in the Westminster Abbey, in London, England, but the day her body was to be transferred, it was nowhere to be found.

Years later her body was finally located, but as the police arrived to start their investigation, what they found was something none of them had been ready for. Something the world was not ready for. Her body, lying angled along the steps of an old catholic church, had been corrupted. A stake, where her heart would be, was proudly protruding, and atop her forehead a cross was placed. The day this tragedy hit the locals, England was on a brink of an epidemic.


Franticly trying to cover up this event, England brought in people from all over to examine the remains. A week later they had the final report. Inside their fallen Queen, they found her stomach was full of blood. Her two top canines had been filed into deathly sharp points, and the place on her forehead where the cross had been, was now nothing more than eroded flesh.


The facts were staring them straight in the face, yet they couldn’t believe it. Something had indeed happened to Queen Mary I, (Bloody Mary) but, repeating this aloud could bring chaos. Looking back to the time when Queen Mary I, first started to die from the illness that was unexplained, they now believed meant something more than just death. It brought life after death. Scared of the idea that she could have turned others (if possible at all), they decided they would make an example out of her by burning her body in the middle of the town. Their hopes were to have this be a warning to those who knew the truth, and to those who didn’t, to seem as simply a way to honor their fallen Queen. Though, as far as history goes, this act of monstrosity never existed. Much like the creature they now feared existed.

The End

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