Evergreen Love

I stood watching the bright yellow leaf float down from the tree. I think back to my break-up.

"I need to breathe," he said.

"I need to find my soul mate," he said.

"I thought I was your soul mate," I said.

I stomp my foot hard on the ground and frown up at the sky. 'Life's unfair,' I think. I look up at the tree in front of me. An apple-colored leaf lands on my face. I lift it up and look at it. Then, I look at the tree. I wonder how the tree feels when all of its leaves escape from it. 'But, that's just a natural part of nature,' I think out loud.

I see my mother. She walks toward me and stands next to me. "You know, you are like this tree, here," she says.

"How?" I reply.

"This tree sheds its leaves every fall to prepare for winter. Then, in the Spring, all of its leaves grow back."

"But, how am I like the tree?" I ask.

"Love is just another natural part of nature. You are a tree. You fall in love, then you lose that love. You eventually fall back in love, and one day you will stay in love. But, for now, you'll just have to keep falling in and out of love, just as a tree has to shed its leaves and grow new ones back. The day when you'll fall in love and get married you'll be an evergreen. Evergreens never loses its leaves."

An orange leaf falls on the tip of my nose. I lift it up and smile.  

The End

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