It's quite silly but being lifted from a dream is like being lifted from the dead; a big event for a bloke. The light that had once blinded me was actually the morning creeping through the curtains, the music of the angels was a new hit record on the radio and the Harley Davidson was...flatulance.

I was sprawled on the soft, comforting floor for a few seconds in total relaxation until it suddenly hits you. OUCH! MY HEAD! Pain is subjective but never mind that, my head was throbbing and there were sharp pains running through it. OUCH! JESUS CHRIST! Oh well, no rest for the wicked; I had to face the wicked, i.e. my boss.


Usually people welcome the sunny days and the renowned heat but I hate it. It means more people venture out and there is more noise. There was more noise than usual that day, it was strange.

Surprises can come to unexpectably. This day, I was walking through the hideous town centre and I came across the most beautiful sight in the world: my high school crush. She had certainly matured and I had become the bumbling, awkward teenager again; I was worried the acne would return.

"Oh hi, Bob! Long time, no see." she said in the voice I had so sorely missed. To be fair, she was making the generic conversation when people have nothing better to talk about. Think when you are at the barbers and you will get the jist.

"Erm...hi...I..." I, well, barely spoke. I looked like a panting dog.

The weirdest sensation came across my body and I felt a strange tingling feeling. It made me shake a little.

"He is still an idiot. I can't believe he used to fancy me. Probably still does. It makes me rench, the thought of it! I wish Shazza had kept it to herself. Should I believe her though? She did say that Parker had an abortion and Terry had a pinner."

This inside voice was revealed in my head. It was baffling. It was not my usual inside voice. It was feminine, posh and...hers!

Oh dear. I've gone mental.

"Problem?" she asked suspiciously.

Oh yes there is.

The End

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