Mind to Mind Conversation

I remembered the first time I had seen Pamilla, she was beautiful, as her siblings all were. But she was more graceful. The last time I had been at my house was when the Odessas kidnapped me. I was eating breakfast, both of my parents, foster parents, had gone to work, even though it was a Saturday. The door had burst open, revealing Pamilla, the eldest, racing up to my room. I was puzzled by her appearance, I had never seen her in my life. She was beautiful with her red hair and green eyes, I remembered the way she looked at me. She just stared for a second, she was searching for something. Then whooshed away to my room. Jake had entered also coming up behind me and lifting me up, of course I was kicking and screaming. It was no help. He just placed his hand over my mouth. Pamilla had returning from my room with most of my suff. Just then Alec, a tall blonde, came in and went to m room coming out with my stuff also. Righth then and there I realized I was being kidnapped.

I kicked even harder with tears streaming down my cheeks. Jake turned me around and murmered into my hair, "You'll be ok." Even though I did not know him at the time I rested my head on his chest, sobbing. I took advantage of his embrace. I had felt like I had known him for a long time. As they cleared out my room, they left only the furniture. I was whisked away into the backseat of a car. Pamilla took the wheel, with Alec in the passenger seat. Jake sat beside me, trying to calm me down. I had every right to cry. Every right to hate them, but I didn't, I was just scared.

My foster parents weren't the best parents on Earth, and my life was really messed up. I was glad they took me from that house, from that state, from my old life. They made me a new life, a happy life.

***(Back to reality)

Pamilla walked over to the bed and looked at us both, her hazel eyes resting on Jake.

"Come on, we're going into town," Pamilla said. Her face looked serious. Way to serious.

Jake nodded, but I was really confused. "What about me," I asked. I knew they trusted me, but not that much.

"You will be staying here, we are going to go hunt," Pamilla's eyes darkened. I knew that was a bad thing.

I swallowed my fear and spoke, "But I could escape, if I wanted to." She shook her head.

"I know you wont." She smiled, she flipped her head so that her fringe no longer covered her eyes.

"When will I be able to get out of this house," I thought.

"Never," replied a voice in my head. It chuckled darkly. I sighed.

"Fine, but what can I do while ya'll are gone?"

"Go to the games room or something, you can play with the other human maids around here," her smile was crooked.

"Ok." Pamilla left the room. Jake got up, and so did I. Then he was right in front of me, our lips inches apart. Then he leaned foreward kissing me. His hand snaked around my waist, my hand tangled into his hair. Then it became more intense, but right as it did he pulled away. We were both breathing heavily, then he kissed the top of my head. He then dissapeared, closing the door behind him.

"I wish that could have lasted longer," I said to myself.

"So do I," it sounded like Jakes voice, but he was no where near. "I love you Nadine..." His voice faded away leaving me flustered.

The End

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