Ever Changing

It's hard to live with people you don't really like, especially if they had kidnapped you.

Still laying in bed I looked up at the alarm clock. Someone was banging at the door, but I didn't care.

"Nadine open the door!" I sighed, hoping for the person to go away.

"Just go away Jake," I said. The door was locked, but I heard it click. I groaned in protest. I grabbed the pillow and covered my head, not wanting to see him. I herd the wooden floor creak with his foot steps.

"Wake up sleepy head," he whispered into my ear. I peaked from under the pillow to find his eyes leveled to mine. Once agian I groaned, he had a slanted smile on his face. He was just to sexy to resist.

"What do you want Jake?" He chuckled, showing his perfect white teeth.

"For you to get up," he smiled once again. My heart sputtered. I removed the pillow, my brown hair was tousled all over the bed. "That's better." Ever since they kidnapped me my sleeping schedule had changed, causing me to become more sleepy than usual.

I sat up, causing the purple sheets to russle. Jake sat on the other side of my bed, smirking. It was six at night, not a good bed schedule.  I got up and went to my closet, looking at what I should wear. Jake came up behind me resting his head on my shoulder.

" I think you should wear this," he took out a light purple blouse. "You look good in purple."I grabbed the shirt and some dark skinny jeans, I also grabbed a bra with matching panties. "Oo, sexy, " Jake chuckled. Then I headed for the bathroom.

I locked the door and stripped down, then I turned on the shower. I stepped in to the burning hot waterfall. It felt good against my cold skin. After I got out and got dressed, I heard a tap on the door just as I was about to turn on the blow dryer. I opened the door finding Maciela, one of the maids, at the door.

"Can I take your dirty clothes miss," she asked innocently.

"Yes, thank you," I said politley. After she took my clothes Jake was at the door in an instant.

"Hey sexy," he growled. I groaned, it was becoming a regular thing for me.

"I'm almost done, go follow around your sister or something." He was attached to me the first time he saw me. I had been in his house for about two months, I was keeping count.

"But I don't want to follow my sister around," he said casually leaning against the door.

"Then go eat breakfast," I cringed at the thought.

He shrugged,"I already ate."

"Well then your just going to have to wait," I retored. He groaned as I shut the door slowly. I went back to blow drying my hair.

***(minutes later)

When I went back to my room I found Jake sitting on my bed, reading my diary.

"JAKE," I screamed. He jumped, and at that time he truly looked scared. I snached the journal away from him.

"I was just looking," he said. I placed the dairy back on my bookshelf, I turned back around and glared at him.

"What did you read?"

He put up his hands defensibly, "Nothing that personal."

I put my hands on my hips, "Really?" He wasn't that good of a lair.

"Um.. uh.. really," he looked nervous.

"Jake don't lie, what did you see?"

"Well it said some stuff about you.. liking.. me." His face burned red as he looked down. I walked up to him, sitting right beside him.

"Do you really like me," he asked. It felt like a turn around, mostly girls asked that question, but now it was his turn.

I sighed, I had to tell him. "Yes, yes I do like you." He looked up his eyes looked gleeful. I smiled at him, not knowing what to do.

Then a knock came at the door. Pamilla walked in.

The End

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