A Trip Through the Mind of Joseph

Halle pulled out of the drive.  She had to make a choice, which would she take from, food or utilities?  She couldn't find it in her heart to disappoint Joseph.

If the situation had been different, she would have enjoyed the lights, the snow, even the freezing cold air but, her heart was heavy, her thoughts dark and angry..

Suddenly she felt a touch on her leg.. Joseph looked up at her and smiled..  She managed a weak smile, hoping it went to her eyes.  Joseph turned his head away and spoke then..

"Mom, you don't have enough money to shop do you?" 

A simple question, a simple yes or no answer, She looked at Joseph and shook her head no..  Her eyes filled with tears and she thought about Donato..  There wasn't a suitable punishment for him.. But oh how she wished!

Joseph placed his hand on top of hers.. "Mom everything will be ok..all of your WISHES will come true, I promise."

Halle didn't know if it had been the statement or the vehemence with which it was made that startled her..

Out of the mouth of babes..

She decided they could at least get a cinnamon roll and hot chocolate..

The End

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