Even Without Hearts

A Kingdom Hearts fan-fiction.
Nobodies, creatures with no emotions, only ghosts of them... When they talk deeply, what will happen?

She sat down on the grand old chair in the castle library, she had a red book with purple writing on the front in her hands, it read ‘love poems’ she sat there staring at it, then she looked out of the arch way shaped window to the side of her and the heart shaped moon lit up the dark silent room, all that could be heard was her gentle breathing, she brushed her long purple hair out of her face and her golden eyes shone as the moonlight hit her face.

I don’t think she had noticed me standing in the door way, she opened the book and flicked through some of the pages then stopped and rested her hand at the bottom of the book and I saw her eyes start to move across the page as she began to read I wondered why was she reading that book, on a dark cold night, in the spookiest room in the castle, why was she sat there reading, so deep into the book that she had not noticed me standing here watching her, why?

I wondered why he was watching me as I saw him out the corner of my eye, I carried on reading, and he just stood there, looking in the same direction, mine, “why?” I asked myself, my voice echoed through the library and he heard it and he tilted his head to one side causing his blue hair to fall around his shoulders, he had his hair down for once, strange, I had never seen him like that.

After a while of thinking I decided she knew I was there and I decided to walk over to her and as I walked my boot echoed and she looked up looking half happy and half annoyed “so, why is the youngest person in this castle sitting in the spookiest room on a cold night whilst wearing a very fetching dress?” I asked looking at her dress, it was black and had sequins down one side and other than that was plain, but it looked just right on her.

“Because, I wanted to relax after having dinner with some friends and since it was late I came here to read a book, what are you doing here?” I asked him, I looked at him and noticed he was wearing casual clothes and his hair was damp so he had showered recently and for some reason I did not mind that he had been watching me for quite a while.

“Ok, well, who where you out to dinner with?” I asked curious as she never usually wore dresses no matter what, and to see her in a dress like that, she wanted to impress someone or went somewhere posh

“Just friends” I said, I was still curious to know why he had been stood there watching me, and know asking me questions and he had not answered mine.

“So, why haven’t you got changed yet, you hate dresses, I remember you saying you would never wear a dress, and yet, you are wearing a very flattering dress” I said and she blushed slightly and I couldn’t help but smile at her.

“You know, you still have not answered my question” I said and I tilted my head to the side and my hair fell across my face and I brushed it aside.

“I was wondering if anyone was in here and you were so I watched” I said and as she brushed the hair form her face the moonlight caught her eyes again and I could not pull away from her curiously emotionless stare that could tell a 100 sad tales and not shed a tear.

“well, I’m here, and may I say you look rather hansom with your hair like that” I said and I noticed he was staring right into my eyes and I was starting right back, his sapphire blue eyes were captivating, I could not pull away from his stare.

“thank you, you look very pretty tonight” I said and she blushed again, I don’t think she knew her usually pale skin had a colour as she was blushing, after a minute she got up and put the book back and I noticed she was not wearing the longest of dresses it only covered half of her thighs.

“Thanks, so you want to get a drink?” I asked turning back round to face him and he smiled and nodded and we walked to the kitchen in silence but I could not help but smile for some reason, I hardly saw him and he seemed to be a decent person to talk to.

“So, what do you want to drink?” I asked as we reached the kitchen and she sat down and looked at the clock the round at the different bottles, I had hardly seen her around lately so I didn’t know what she liked.

“red wine please” I said and he nodded got out two glasses and placed them on the side and got a bottle of red wine out and poured it, since the castle was so quiet all I could hear was my own breathing and his, along with the splashing of the wine hitting the glass.

“here” I said placing the glass down in front of her and she picked it up and took a sip then put it back down, her eyes stayed glued on the red liquid swirling around in the glass.

“so has the castle clown vanished, he seems to have stopped pulling pranks on me since I threw him threw the wall” I said looking up at him, he was still watching me, it’s like he was trying to figure something out, like when you have almost finished a jigsaw but that last little piece is not there and you try to figure out where it could be.

“I think he became concerned about his health and life after you did that to him, you never told anyone what he did to you, so what was it?” I asked curious to figure out what made her tick, I was so confused, she could be so vicious at times, but know, she seemed so calm and relaxed, like nothing was going on, like she had nothing to worry about, no one to care about, it was like she had shut herself away from the rest of us and was happy doing what she wanted to do.

“I would rather not talk about it, I really want to forget that moment in time” I said, although I knew the brat would hold it over me for as long as I lived, and not being able to die or age at all made it very frustrating.

“I promise I will not tell” I said, I really wanted to know, before he had pulled that stupid prank she had been fine around us, well most of us, well one or two of us, ok none of us but she talked know and then and smiled sometimes, but he must have really annoyed her as she stays well away from him at all times.

“I would not tell a soul for life nor death, and you know, when I don’t want to tell something, I will not tell” I said and he just smiled and took a sip of his drink and kept staring at me, like he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to know.

“Ok, I will not ask you anymore” I said, I really wanted to know, I knew the idiot that pulled the prank would not tell, and anyone who saw it would not say because he feared her, like most people did when she was in a bad mood, and that was almost every day.

“You seem to be trying to figure something out about me, what do you want to know? I think I might be able to help you” I said and he smiled at me and just finished his wine.

“I want to know why you are like you are, not that social, not very open, not that emotional, you seem to have pushed everyone away and built a wall with a looked door with a key hidden somewhere and no windows” I said and she finished her wine in one gulp and smirked at me.

“I am like I am because trust has to be earned, also if you let people get to close to you, it can either end very badly, or end with a lot of un answered questions, but I prefer neither of them so no one gets close to me, I don’t end up in either situations” I said calmly and I could tell he had to think over what I just said carefully and explain it to himself again in his head, and whilst he was doing that it was like a little lit bulb appeared over his head like he had figured out where the missing piece of the jigsaw was.

“Ok, but if you don’t let anyone in, how can anyone tell you anything important?” I asked, I was hoping this question would confuse her, but for some strange reason the shine her golden eyes had said ‘tuff luck you can’t confuse me that easily’ and god dam it her eyes are captivating I can’t look away.

“They can just tell me or tell someone else, I couldn’t care less to be honest what people want to tell me” I said and I could see his eyes had a certain shine to them that said ‘how the hell do I confuse this girl’.

“Ok, do you have any friends in this castle?” I asked seein and she hardly talked to anyone and not many people cared what happened to her, but for some strange reason I wanted to find the key to that door and see what she is hiding from us, then I noticed she had skin coloured gloves on, hiding her wrists, she always covered her arms and wrists up, many people called her emo, but I’m not too sure what she is.

“Depends I don’t see anybody as my friend, but I don’t know how others see me” I said and he tilted his head to the side again then back and I smiled because he looked different than usual and I liked it he was more open than he was when the others were around.

“Well, honestly I think you and I could be good friends, we both get on well and for some reason you intrigue me with your personality and the way you act” I said and she got up and took both our glasses and poured some more wine and bought the bottle over to the table and out it in the middle and then just smiled at me.

“so, I intrigue you, well honestly you intrigue me, your personality changes around different people and that confuses me, why would you change your personality around a certain person” I said and he smiled and drank some of his drink and all I could hear was the rhythm of my breathing and his breathing and for some reason it was calming.

“Because in this castle you have to be tuff to survive and I think only a few people will stand a fighting chance when it comes to what some call the final fight” I said and she picked up her glass drank some of her drink and thought carefully about what to say next and I could hear her breathing speed up a little as she thought it over and her eyes seemed to almost change colour as she thought it over, it was like she had lost a memory and desperately wanted it back.

“well, I plan not to fight that battle, I unlike some have common sense and when someone who can fight probly wants to fight I will fight them, but you lot can go and get yourselves killed for no reason” I said and I could tell he was annoyed at my point of view as his was the opposite but he also knew I was right.

“well as much as I would love to argue you are right, what we are doing here is pointless but we have nowhere else to go so I guess here is are best bet at the minute” I said and her eyes shone with a sense of pride and victory and she was smiling to herself and her smile was very sweet to be honest.

“Well I do not plan on staying here forever, as much as I would love to stay, well as much as I would like to..., well as much as a part of me wants to stay, I will not stay for long” I said and his eyes looked saddened and they looked like a hint of grey had snuck in.

“Well, I plan on staying for a while, until I think it is the right time to leave” I said and she stood up and finished he drink put her cup down and looked at me.

“I hope you pick the right time” I said and walked out not looking back and I decided I was not staying much longer, I promised myself I would not get hurt again.

I got up and walked out and I saw her turn the corner and she looked at me for a second with a slight smile on her face then she walked of, I walked slowly back to my room and as I passed a row of windows I saw the sun starting to rise, we had talked all night and I knew, she would not be here by tonight, I planned on staying, I was not going to change my mind just because, because I loved her.

I got up the next morning and walked to ‘my bosses’ room and knocked and he opened the door slowly and he looked, like a drowns rat, “I’m leaving” I said and walked of and I passed him and he just looked at me and I looked back and I knew I was blushing and I wanted to stop and tell him, well tell him I loved him, but I was too frightened so I kept on walking.

I walked past her and I saw our boss looking a bit shocked and I could not help but look at her and she was blushing and as she walked past I felt like stopping her and kissing her but I didn’t I was worried about what would happen if it all went pear shaped “morning” I said to my boss and kept on walking.

I kept on walking to my room and I put what I needed and wanted in my bag, then I opened a portal and thought it over a minute and then walked through.

She was gone by midday, no one knew why, well I did but I did not say, that night I decided I would make my choice to stay or to go soon.

I had found a place to stay and I had a view of the castle and the library window and each night I saw someone stand there looking at the clock tower so one night I decided to go sit on the top of the clock tower and just sit and look at the window and that night the person appeared and it’s like I felt his eyes meet mine again but I knew I couldn’t see his eyes and he couldn’t see mine.

She sat there, on the clock tower, I don’t know how but I knew it was her, and it’s like she knew I was there, I decided to get my bag and go to the clock tower so I did

I saw him walk away and I sat there for 10 minutes on my own just listen to nothing but my own breathing and then I heard something behind me and I got up and turned round to see him standing there.

“Hey” I said as she turned round and a smile formed on her face and she walked over to me and stood right in front of me.

“I missed you” I said calmly and he smiled and I looked at his sapphire blue eyes and he smiled and I knew I was blushing again.

“I missed you to, I really want to tell you something” I said and her golden eyes looked at me in a curious manner and I smiled again.

“Same, but you can go first” I said and he smiled at me and he placed both his hands on my hips and leaned closer to me.

“I love you” I said and then I felt her arms wrap around my neck and her hands run through my hair.

“I love you too” I said and he kissed me softly on the lips and I kissed back deepening the kiss.

“Well shall we go, to where ever” I said and she nodded and I picked up my bag and she opened a portal and as she walked through I looked back at the castle and there were 2 people standing at the window, I knew who they were and I gave a small nod and walked through the portal and I spent the rest of my live with the girl I loved.

As he walked through the portal I knew, I was going to spend eternity with him, and nothing was going to stop me, not even death could stop me loving him.




The End

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