Chapter 1 School, the center of dreadMature

You know how schools have those little groups that people like to stick to? Well... I don't belong to one and because of this people at school, they don't know how to treat me. Most if the time they avoid me like I have been infected with some deadly disease. It's almost funny really, though I have no friends to laugh about it with, I guess that’s just one of my side effects. Did you get the joke? No? Okay. I wake up every morning at the thought of walking up to some expecting group, of course they would freak out but some days I am sick of how they treat me. This is one of those days, I can hear my mum making breakfast down the in the kitchen. Come to think about it, you should probably know that I don't exactly look like my parents. This is because I was adopted by them when I was eight, when my own parents disappeared. I mean yes I have my real mums black hair, slender figure, long neck, and narrow shoulders, but I have my real dads grey eyes and slightly angular features. But not much else. I look down at my square palms that I must have gotten from my mum and smile. The people I call my parents who now look after me, told me that they were once friends with my real parents, they say that when I was born I didn’t cry or scream. This, of course, made my biological parents worry. They stayed at the hospital with me for a whole month after I was born to make sure that I was healthy. So my bio parents, biological for those who don't get the shorten name I sometimes call them by, stayed with me day and night as I was being tested for anything and everything. The doctor’s even checked to see if I had Cancer. CANCER! Can you believe that! They figured it out pretty quickly that I was just a quite baby. I sigh when I hear my name being shouted down in the kitchen.

“Coming!” I shout at the ground of my bedroom.

Kicking my bed sheets off me I swing my legs around before getting up and walking towards my wardrobe that is on the other side of my bedroom. I quickly take out a grey blue shirt and a pair of ripped skinny jeans, getting dressed as quickly as possible.
“Ash will you hurry up your breakfast is getting cold!” 

“Shit!” I curse trying to stay balanced long enough to be able to pull on my skinny jeans. “Be right there in a moment!”

Even from up stair I can hear her laughing to herself as I continue to struggle to pull up my jeans. I walk over to my bedside table and grab my brush then make an attempt to tame my mess of long wavy black hair. As soon as I fail to tame it, I grab my shoes and socks then race out my bedroom door, passed my adopted parents room and down the stair, through a archway to my left and into the kitchen. As soon as I walk into the room I see, adoptive, dad reading a local new paper.

“About time!” Mum says from behind me. “I was about to send up a search party. Now hurry up your going to be late for school,”

I spin around to see my, adoptive, mum holding a plate of pancakes in one hand and my bag back pack in the other. I smile weakly and take my bag off her before dropping it and my shoes and socks next to the chair I want to sit in. Then I take the plate of pancakes off her hands, my mouth is starting to water. I carefully sit down at the dining table, I watch as my dad turns a page of the new paper and looks up to see me staring at him. My adopted parent do look a little bit like me I will admit. But my unlike my mum my dad has blonde hair, blue eyes and a square jaw, and a long neck, he's almost the exact opposite of my mum. Mum and I take turns in teasing him for being the only person in the house with blonde hair. Dad smiles at me warmly before motioning for me to eat my breakfast.

“So what's today’s new adventure then?” he asks, his eyes are tinkling evilly at me, I grin.

“You know same old, same old,” I say, trying to sound cheerful.

Mum looks up at me, her black hair is pulled back to reveal her bright moss green eyes. My adopted mum does look a little like my mother. Though my bio mums eyes were bright blue eyes. Sometimes I like to pretend that she is my bio mum except with green eyes.

“Earth to Ash!” Dad says clicking his fingers in front of my face.

I blink then smile stupidly at the last two pancakes on my plate.

“I asked if you would like a ride to school or not,” He says giving me a look.

Dad and mum know that I don't fit into any of the groups at school. The air in the room goes still as I think it over.

“Nah,” I say smiling a little. “Besides I'd rather today,”

Okay that was a lie, but I don't feel like hanging around my parents any longer than I have to. Mum and dad share a quick look then turn their gazes back to me.

“Alright then,” Mum finally sighs.

My parents normally drop me off at school, so whenever they're away I get to walk to school by myself. Each time taking a new route to school, I go through all my possible routes in my head as I keep eating. The last time my parents were away, I decided to take a new route, but I quickly got lost. I took my time walking trying to figure out where I was, by the time I got to school I find that more time past than I thought. By the time I got there, it was the end of the second period. Let's just say that my parents weren't too happy about it and leave it at that. My smile turns into a grin as I get to my feet and pull on my shoes and my socks then shoulder on my bag ready to go.

“Be careful,” Mum says smirking, she must be remembering that day too. “Alright?”

“I will, I promise,” I say before I wave at her. “See you guys later,”

“Have a good day!” Dad shouts at the last second before I walk out the front door. 

“You too!” I shout back before shutting the front door behind me.

I deflate when I turn around to face the sunny new day. As I take my first few steps towards the road, I realise that I have butterflies in my stomach, it feels like they have teeth. Dread threatens to overtake me as I continue towards school. I groan but keep walking. Mum and dad are never too keen about me walking to school, damn it's a miracle that they let me today! I think it's about it not being safe in this day and age.

“Hey freak!” A voice yells at me.

I freeze for a moment getting my thoughts together trying to place the voice to a face in my mind. I snap out of my thoughts before I realise that I know whose voice it is. I turn around and groan when I see Aiden. The one and only person who tries to insult me, well besides Kat, but that's another story I will talk about later. Yes, Aiden and I used to be friends once, but for some reason he doesn't like me. Hell, I'm pretty sure that he hate my guts. I blink. Is that Aiden or has he finally found an ally in terrorising me? No, it's him, he just looks so different to what he did a month ago. He and his family went to France for a holiday. My god what a quite month that was! I almost enjoyed it...Almost. He was the same height as me before he left, with short wavy blonde hair, slightly squared jaw and two extremely green eyes that have only ever meant trouble for me. But now, a month later, he’s taller, he's lost the softness to his face by the looks of it and he's lean with muscle. I frown as I continue to compare him to my memory. His hair is still as wavy as I remember, though now it flops down into his evil green eyes.
“Hey yourself stupid,” I say as I turn around and continue to walk towards school.

I stare down at my shoes. He got cute. The thought makes me stop and want to puke up my breakfast. The footsteps behind me continue towards me before I realise that he is standing next to me. Glancing sideways at him I notice that his stance is different from what it used to be. Shaking my head I stop, beside me Aiden stops. I try to clear my thoughts. He's just standing there watching me. I drop my head and blush as I continue to walk a head with Aiden at my elbow.

“You know Freak, you actually look nice for once,” He says to my surprise.

I stop dead in my tracks he bumps into my left side of my body, his arm brushing against mine, Fire and sparks explode on my skin as I turn to look at him knowing that my shock must be all over my face. It's the first time that he's said anything nice to me since we were friends. It's been two years now that I think about it.


“Thanks,” I mumble looking away, I can feel my face going red.

He blinks and I can tell that he's confused, then it shifts to surprise, now it's almost like there is some pink in his cheeks.

“What'd you say Freak?” He says.

I'm use to him calling me 'Freak' I don't know why it doesn't upset me like it used to.

“I said, 'thanks'” I say clearly before I spin on my heel and walk away in the direction of my school.

I glance back over my shoulder when I realise that I don't hear following footsteps, swear that I see Aiden smiling at my retreating back.

.      .      .

I blink at Ash's back still standing and smiling at myself like an idiot. Her long black hair has gotten longer, her grey eyes just as wild as the first day I met her, though still just as unreadable. My arm is still exploding with warmth from when our arms brushed against each other’s before. Okay I know what you’re thinking... Why do you treat Ash the way you do when you so evidently like her? Well, dear reader, the thing is... that she never really noticed that I was there. I mean she never really got the hint that I like her. How can I not? Her eyes are wild yet unreadable as blank as a piece of paper. I can remember the first time I saw those grey eyes. I shake my head and start to walk in the same direction as Ash. Maybe it will be different this time. I guess I will just have to wait and find out...


The End

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