Chapter 3Mature

Shiny metal sliced into the expired earth, and the roots submitted with one scoop. I tossed the dead roses into a garbage bag and threw them in the dumpster. The depression in the ground appeared random amongst the grass.

I'll fix it later.

I threw the scooper down in the grass and went back to my room. While sitting back in my desk, I caught myself in the mirror. My once spiky blond hair had straightened itself out and fell past my shoulders, the natural auburn bunching at the roots. I flicked the blond ends behind my ears to see my eyes; bags developing from lack of sleep. I moved them to my right arm, which was covered in gauze from wrist to elbow. I ignored the incessant itching.

A framed photo of me and Kev faced me by the mirror. Tree bark served as a backdrop to us facing the lens, sitting neck-to-neck, our smiles warm and genuine. A crack in the glass ran diagonally across Kev's face, stopping just above my head. I made no plans to replace it. I slid the photo closer to the mirror so it wouldn't fall again. The angle collided with the sun's rays and coated our faces in a glistening iridescence. My lips curled at the sight.

“Hey Jame,” a curly-haired head said from the door, “What are ya doin'?”

I breathed a chuckle.

“Nothing,” my eyes remained on Kev's slightly distorted face, “but can I be alone?”

I tried to keep my tone as civil as I could. Mom never left me alone since we got back from the hospital. Though I knew she meant well, it got a little cumbersome.


She pushed her lips in her mouth and stood there for awhile. Finally she nodded and retreated back into the hallway, disrupting the silence with the loud, cautious footsteps toward her room.

Kev's shining face smiled at me from the window. The stillness of his eyes behooved his sincerity. I reached out and ran a finger across his cheek. The crack slit at the skin and my love's moist face smiled mistily in my ache, remaining bright despite the wound. I smiled back, taking in the placidity.

“You'll never leave me again. Never.”


The End

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