Where are we going to go?

I woke up and Alyssa came back,but Alex wasn`t beside me. I look over at the rock we sit at every morning and sure enough there he was.
 " Hey babe,you okay? lately you`ve been acting really weird,"I said trying not to sound rude.
 "It`s just I don`t know where we will go,"Alex said sadly.Then before I could anwser Anna and Chase got up.
 "Hey, good morning,"Anna and Chase said.
 "Hey," I said, then Alex moved away from us."Babe what`s wrong it`s just Anna and Chase?"
"Chase is pissing me off , and Anna is just acting like nothings going to happen,"Alex said.
"Is there something going to happen ?" I asked surprisingly.
   "Yes, the government is driving by the hill today, and their making sure no ones around," Alex said sadly.
  "Wh-where are we going to go?"I said depressed.
   Alex placed his head in his hands, "I really don`t know..." 

The End

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