Discovery and Discovered


I rushed out of the night club, only seconds after Delaney, but even in heels that girl was fast. I saw her run around a corner, heard the snap of her shoe heel breaking off, and then the soft thud of a body hitting the road. My heart pounding, I rush around the corner, and stop dead when I see her.

She is lying in the road, but I can hardly see her. She is curled into a fetal position, and three-quarters of her form is covered by a pair of gorgeous creamy-white wings.

I knew you were real... I think as I scoop her up. Angels exist...



I awaken in an unfamiliar setting, still in my party dress, my wings, thankfully, hidden again. My breathing quickens as I realize someone must have found me. Maybe I'm already in a lab... I shoot into a sitting position, just as a sleep rumpled Damien enters the room.

"D-Damien?" I say falteringly.

"Yeah. Um, I know... What you are." He says, looking down, his cheeks pink, as if coming clean about it is embarrassing to him.

"Oh God..." I murmur. "Look, you... You have every right, to, um, I dunno, be scared, or freaked, or-" He cuts me off by pressing a finger to my lips.

"This only makes me love you even more. I knew from the moment I met you that I'd seen you before. And I had. That morning,  four years ago, you were on the hilltop, weren't you?"He says softly, his finger hovering a centimeter in front of my lips.

"You... you love me?" Is all I can manage.

"I dunno, I really like you... I mean.. You.. You're special. Oh so special. I just.. You're just... I'm not good enough for you." It is my turn to cut him off. I stand, shakily, and slide my arms about his neck.

"You are more than good enough for me..." I whisper, and then I close the small distance between our lips, ignoring the warning bells that are going off, yet again, in my head.

What are your parents going to say?

What is the Arch Angel Society going to say?

What is God going to say?

Whispers a little voice in the back of my head. I am able to ignore it, at least until:

You don't want to fall, do you?

The End

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