Birthday Bash


When Stephanie told me she was setting me up with a girl for her party, I thought little of it. It would probably be that annoying blonde who looked like a twiglet in a dress. I would have to shake her off, but after that, I could just have fun, get drunk, and hang out with my little sis and some of her prettier friends. 

But I was totally unprepared for the sight that hit me when I walked into the club our parents had rented for the occasion. Steph was standing by the bar, waving at me, but I hardly noticed her. All I noticed was the stunning blonde girl next to her. She was wearing a dark, purply-blue strapless dress, and little strips of ribbon had been woven into her hair, which was mostly down, but with a plait of hair going across the top of her head. When she turned, my heart stopped when I realized who it was. 

Delaney. Was... was Delaney my date? 



As soon as Damien noticed me, his mouth went a little slack, and his eyes caressed my entire form. Damien quickly noticed us looking, and his cheeks reddening, fixed his expression. Steph nudged me.

"I think he likes you.." She giggled. Damien walked over, his mouth still a little slack.

"Hey, Birthday Girl!" He grinned, giving Steph a big hug, "My baby sister, all grown up at last!" Stephanie scowled and hit at his arm playfully.

"Now, now, Big Brother, behave. This is your date for tonight. Delaney. Have fun!" She winked at me, and then whisked off, carrying a tray of drinks from the bar. 

"Oh, um, its you!" I said, more than a little nervous. I could feel my hands beginning to sweat. 

"Yep. No falling over this time." He smiled. "Drink?"

"Um, okay.. I'll have whatever you have." I said hastily. Across the room I saw Alexa enter the night club. Stephanie had invited the whole year to her party, no matter if they were 'cool' or not. Alexa was with a small group of the semi-popular girls I had helped her become friends with. She grinned at me, and when Damien's back was turned, I put both thumbs up, grinning. I had told Alexa about the whole set-up thing. Just then, Damien touched my arm. 

"Here." He said, quietly, handing me the drink. I sipped it, a little nervous, but it tasted like orange juice, so I drank it eagerly, thanking the way it moistened my parched throat. "Woah! Slow down!" He grinned, showing off his pearly white teeth. "Easy on the screwdrivers!" 

At my blank look, he explained: "Its vodka, mixed with orange juice. Nice, huh?" As soon as the words left his lips, alarm bells sounded in my head. Vodka made humans drunk quickly, but it made angels drunk even faster. But as soon as I thought about it, it was as if a pair of glasses had been popped over my eyes. Suddenly, the world was fuzzy, and I didn't know quite what I was doing. 

Soon, Damien and I were dancing in the middle of a tight knot of people, bodies pressing in on all sides. I remembered seeing Stephanie get up onto the stage at one point and make a very heartfelt, if a little tipsy, speech. I remember only brief flashes of the night after that. It was as if someone was turning the lights on and off, on and off, and only highlighting certain points of the night. 

Alexa, sitting in the corner, talking energetically to the boy she had confided in me that she liked,

Stephanie, lying on the ground in the middle of the dance floor, laughing her head off after having just fallen over,

Louisa, shooting me a death stare from the table she was sat at with a pair of her cronies,

Damien, pulling me closer and closer, my skin brushing his, our foreheads close enough to touch. 

An image, as if from someone else's eyes, of Damien and I kissing.

After the kiss, I rushed out of the club as fast as I could. I could feel the magic that I used to stop people from noticing I was an angel slipping away from my grasp. If I stayed any longer, my overly cramped wings would have popped out and knocked over several people. 

As I rushed down the street, in a pair of heels I had borrowed from Steph, on of the heels snapped off as I stumbled over a tree root, and I went crashing down, tumbling over and over until I was lying, face down in the gutter. That was when my wings appeared, and after stretching out, seemingly of their own accord, they wrapped themselves around me, as I allowed myself to drift into unconsciousness...


The End

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