Stephanie's brother.

For the next few days, I hung around with Alexa whenever I could, but when I wasn't, I was networking with the popular kids, working my way into the crowd. Much to my pleasure, Stephanie was the kind and caring, as opposed to the mean and spiteful, type of popular. She, as well as being the sister to the hottest guy in town, was one of the most popular girls in college. I quickly befriended her, and she helped me integrate myself into the popular crowd. This, of course, only made things harder when I disappeared at breaks and lunch to sit with Alexa. I knew that soon, I would be found out, and I would either have to make them see what a good, kind person Alexa was, or be kicked out of the popular crowd for being friends with a low life. 

But that time was not upon us yet. For now, I could live in the space between two worlds. 

Before long, I was being invited to the parties the popular people threw. The first of which, was Stephanie's eighteenth birthday bash. There would be alcohol, dancing, and an all around good time. I checked with the older angels, and they said it would be fine for me to go, as long as I didn't drink too much. 

"Yep, my aunt said I can come!" I grinned, at Stephanie and she gave a squeal of delight and hugged me, happily. 

"Hey Steph, will the totally dreamy D be at this bash?" Louisa, the ringleader of the populars, asked, a mischievous smile playing around her lips. 

"Who Damien?" Stephanie replied with a grin. My heart beat faster, and my breath came in small gasps. Was Damien going to be at the party? I had to know. "I dunno, Lou-lou. I'll ask, but I doubt he'll want to come. He's waaay to cool for my parties now." She gave a reluctant smile and a small, forced giggle that told me she was nervous about it, and wanted her brother to say no when she asked him. I got the impression that Louisa would throw herself at Damien if he was at the party. 

"Damien?" I asked, feigning ignorance. "Who's that?" 

"Oh, um, Damien's my brother. He's twenty two. He lives in a house on his own now." Stephanie explained tightly. 


Later,  when Stephanie and I were shopping in town for party dresses, she confided in me. 

"I'm sure the only reason Louisa befriended me was because of my brother. I used to be semi-popular, until one day, in science, she got moved next to me in science for messing around. We got talking, I told her about my brother, BAM. She wanted to be my best friend all of a sudden. That was like, five years ago. She's been chasing him ever since! No matter how many times he rejects her, tells her he isn't interested, she doesn't hear him.  She's such an idiot sometimes." Stephanie said in a low voice as we browsed the racks in topshop. 

"Maybe you should set your brother up with someone else. It wouldn't even have to be a real relationship, so long as Louisa saw them together at the party, she would realize she couldn't have him." I said, without thinking. 

"Yes! That sounds like a great plan, Laney. But who could I set him up with?" She was silent for a few moments, and then she looked at me, grinning wildly. I recognized that look...

"No. NO. I won't. Louisa will kill me!" I said and backed away, shaking my head. 

"Yes. You're doing it." Stephanie grinned. 

Oh no... I thought, my heart sinking. Here I was, both my worst nightmares and my wildest dreams coming true in the same night... What am I going to do?

The End

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