Once I reached the Angel lodging, where the two Angels who would be posing as my aunt and uncle were already situated along with their two children, my 'cousins', they gave me the file that had been collected on my new charge, Alexa Marshall. The photo showed a tall girl of average weight with long, gorgeous dirty-blonde hair. Her eyes were dull, and she was clearly bored. It was a school photo, and certainly not the best. 

The information told me that her parents had had marital issues ever since she was born, and when she was just five years old, they had filed for a divorce. Alexa's mother had been given custody, since her father was a dangerous alcoholic. But, only months after her divorce to Alexa's father, her mother had met another guy, and moved in with him, dragging Alexa with her. This relationship had lasted but a few months, not even half a year, before Alexa's mother, Jenny, got bored and irritable, resulting in horrific screaming matches. Both Jenny and Alexa had been kicked out of the house, and left to roam the streets with very little money. They survived by living in hotels, until Jenny found another man, and so the cycle went on. 

All through her childhood and teenage years she was bullied and shunned, sometimes because her mother was extremely promiscuous, some because she lived in hostels and had ratty clothes and greasy hair. 

It sounded as though she had had a tough life. As soon as monday came around, I dressed quickly and went to the college early, as I had heard Alexa was in the habit of doing. Her mother shunned her somewhat, and often yelled at her, telling her she was an accident, and that if it had not been for her, her mother and father would still be happily married. 

I found Alexa sitting on a bench, eating a cereal bar. 

"Hello!" I said brightly. She was wearing ratty jeans, and a faded t-shirt, which paled in comparison to my pink vest-top, tucked into a high-waisted black skirt. "I'm Delaney. What's your name?" 

"Oh, you must be new. I'm Alexa, other wise known as the school victim. Feel free to shout abuse from afar..." She said resignedly.  

"Oh... That doesn't sound very nice.. Yes, I am new. My parents split up before I was born, and a few years ago, my mum got with a new guy. It had been fine until then, just the two of us but then.. Then Gary came along. He.. he abused me, and hit me, until people at school started noticing. They called me an emo and asked me why I hadn't dyed my hair black yet.. Thats when I told my headteacher what was happening. She got the police involved, and now I've moved here, to live with my aunt and uncle." I said, reciting the story I'd been given. 

"Why are you telling me this?" Alexa murmured, clearly a little shocked. 

"You seem like someone who would understand." I smiled. "So, where's the common room?" 

From there, our friendship bloomed. Alexa trusted me from the moment I told her my story, and I was able to protect her. In one way, it was good. I was doing well, and a quickly completed mission means an efficient, and well trained Guardian. But the down side of it was, the shorter the time I stayed here, the less of a chance there was that I would see Damien...

Damien... I could now put a name to the face that had lingered in my mind for four years. Damien.. I had to see him. 

The End

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