After I first set foot on Earth, I became almost fixated with humans, and Earth, and was suddenly filled with a passion to become a Guardian, something I had never wanted to do before. My eagerness meant I was quickly picked in the autumn selections of my sixteenth year.* I spent the next four years working, training, learning. I learned much about flying, at which I was a natural, and of Earth and humans, along with the small magics that were used to disguise an Angel's wings when he or she went down to Earth for missions. The time flew by, until the spring of my twentieth year. I was able to start missions at last. Only small missions, accompanied by more qualified Angels, but missions all the same. 

Whenever I set foot on Earth, I was reminded of Him, the first human I had ever laid eyes on. His glorious, mischievous beauty. I longed for the day when I would be sent to the town where he resided, for I new the day would come. It was a large city, in one of Earth's most populated countries, England. I did not recall its name, but I knew, if I ever went there, I would know. I would simply feel it in the air. 

That summer, the day came. I was sent on a solo mission, only a minor one, to act as a Guardian Angel to a teen who was being bullied in college. The instant the city was pointed out to me on the map, I knew. I had been there before. The hill... I would be alighting near it once more. 

I left swiftly, packing my things into a backpack and taking off, bidding my parents and friends farewell. A male Angel, Tobias, with whom I had become rather close, embraced me before I left, and watched me with troubled eyes as I left. I sighed. He was appealing, yes. Handsome, yes. But he held none of the fearless, mischievous qualities of my human, as I came to think of him. 

Soon, I had landed a ways from the city, and after placing disguising charms around my wings, I walked briskly into toward the town center, and the Angel house where I would be staying. I was so deep in the thoughts about my mission, and more about my human, that I walked straight into someone, and was knocked onto the ground.

When I looked up, my heart skipped a beat. It was him. His hair was longer, his stubble thicker, and he was a little taller than the last time I'd seen him, but it was him, unmistakably. His captivating eyes stared straight into mine with an odd look of recognition as he reached a hand down to help me up. I took his hand and allowed him to pull me up, dusting off my human clothes, a pair of denim shorts and a white thin-strapped top. The weather was hot, and he was only dressed in jeans and a thin t-shirt. 

"Sorry, didn't see you there. The name's Damien. Are you new in town?" He said, with an amiable smile. 

"Oh, no, the fault was all mine!" I apologized, blushing. "Um, I'm Delaney. I'll be attending the local college, in the second year." 

"Ahh, the college! That must have been where I've seen you before!" He said, with an air of relief. "You must be friends with my sister, Stephanie?"

"Umm.. No.. I'll be starting at the college on Monday. You must be mixing me up with someone else." I smiled tightly, my heart racing. "Any way, I best be off, my Aunt is expecting me at her house." And with that I gave him a tight smile and whisked away, leaving him standing, with an intensely confused look upon his face, in the middle of the street. 

What have I done.... I thought with dread. But even as I thought it, a different part of me was thinking about his sister, Stephanie, who went to the college. An easy way to get close to him would be to have my charge befriend her... Hmmm... All I knew was that I had to see him again.. 



*Note: Her age when she first set foot on earth has changed from 18 to 16

The End

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