First Sight

It was a warm dawn in the summer of my sixteenth year when I finally snapped. I rose early, and dressed in a tight silken gown, of a delicate creamy color that matched the gorgeous shade of my wings. It reached my mid thigh, and had thin straps. It was almost like a human design, but in another way looked almost like the toga-gowns of the Greek Gods. It's material was almost see-through, but was criss-crossed with ribbons of the same color, giving it an ethereal look. It was the look all young Angels were wearing. Of course, a human could never wear it, for it had long slits cut up the back. I fit my wings through these slits and shuffled them, getting comfortable. Then, silently, I opened the window and floated softly to the soft street below, which was paved with cloud. 

Once in the streets, I padded, barefoot, through the sleeping streets. It took me only a short time to reach the outer wall of heaven, made entirely of flawless white marble. If it had been built with bricks, it was not possible to tell where one brick started and another ended. There were no lines or cracks. The pearly gates were shut, and I was far too cowardly to try and open them. Instead, I merely flapped my wings and jumped, landing atop the wall. 

Then, ignoring all my mothers warnings never to fly before I was given proper training, I spread my wings and leaped, soaring downwards toward the blue planet. The Planet of my childhood. As I soared down, my excitement grew and grew. I gained speed, plummeting down. The driving wind forced me to shut my eyes for a time, and when I reopened them, there was a green glade just meters below me. I righted myself, snapping out my wings and fluttering gently to the ground. I landed atop a beautiful hillock, grass and mud under my toes. I smiled, reveling in the feeling. 

Below was a large town, its buildings tall and made of orange and yellow bricks. My vision, as keen as a bird of prey's, could single out people travelling through the streets. One figure, on the edge of town, caught my eye. I focused my gaze, zooming in on him. Soon it was like he was right before me. He was... beautiful. His skin was a pale golden and atop his head sat a crown of coal-black curls. They were cropped short against his skull, a few curling over his forehead. He was tall and lean, and was wearing strange trousers made out of a dark blue material, along with a jacket which must have been made from some kind of animal hide. But the thing that caught my eye most was his features. He had a wide mouth, the corners tilted up in an almost constant smile, his nose was proud and straight, and black stubble coated his chiseled jaw. But the most entrancing feature were his eyes. They were a dark chocolate brown and glowed with a spark I had not seen in Angel guys. 

When I thought of it later, I realized it must have been.. the sparkle of a trouble-maker, a mischievous rebel... It made my heart flutter with the thought. But just then, as I gazed upon him, I happened to glance at the sky behind him. With a jolt, I realized it was lightening rapidly. I had to go. My parents would be worrying. 

Without a thought of who might see me, I spread my wings once more and soared easily back toward the sky. 


*Damien's p.o.v*

I wove through the streets easily, on my way to the hilltop. I was always an early riser, apart from if I'd been drinking, and I liked to see the sunrise from up high. But as I reached the edge of the town, I saw something, a flash of white, in the corner of my eye. I looked up, and there, atop the hill, was a gorgeous woman, dressed in a short, silky dress. Her white-gold waves hung to her elbows, and I could see from the low neck-line of her attire that she had curves. I looked up, meaning to gaze upon this beauty's face, but as I did, she did something that made me breath out in a shocked blast. 

She... she wouldn't.. didn't.. couldn't have.. have had wings, could she? I only caught a brief glimpse of blue eyes, a straight nose and full pink lips before she spread her wings and soared into the sky, disappearing. 

Surely... Surely I couldn't have just glimpsed an Angel, could I? 

The End

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