Even Angels Will Fall...

I, being a pure Angel, born in heaven of two Angelic parents, have never seen the planet below our perfect land. The planet of Earth, where creatures that resemble Angels without the wings or the Halos that one gains once you are a true Angel, roam. Creatures that my mother used to tell me stories of before bedtime when I was a child. Creatures called Humans.

Humans always intrigued me, with their constant conflicts, their passionate emotions and their amazing creativity. Angels were often inspired to paint, write or draw after visiting Earth. Angels were also affected by the strong emotions that humans let rule their actions. Humans, it was said, loved, hated, fought and made peace with a fiery passion that Angels lacked. Angels were always clear-headed, cool and collected even in the direst of situations. Humans, on the other hand, were ruled by their hearts, not their heads, and often made rash and spur-of-the-moment decisions.

But even after all the warnings, all the stories with tragic endings and harsh morals, and all the times my mother urged me never to go down to the Earth before I had been trained as a Guardian, I still longed to set foot on the Blue planet

What I never realized was that it was these desires that would be my downfall… Quite literally… 

The End

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