Eve Manor

Lizzie and her two friends find out a secret about themselves that all three of them share, it will take them on an amazing journey and will change all three girls lives forever! The only question is, will it be for the better?

Chapter One- A Dream

 White mist cloaked the ground. Trees of elm and oak were surrounding me on each side of the long almost muddy path. Ahead of me there was a large manor house. Its white stone walls held an oak front door reminding me of one on a church. It led down four stone steps and on either side there were two large bay windows. A black crow was sat way up high on the ledge of the upper large second floor window. Its beady black eyes glared at me. Suddenly the oak door creaked open and then... then there was a blinding light which burned my eyes.  The early morning sunlight was streaming through the slight opening in my curtains which had woken me. I hated that, when dreams ended just when they were getting good. I sighed and rolled over onto my side away from the chink of light. It had all been a dream, one I wished I had been able to finish. I checked my phone which lay on my bedside table. 9.00AM exactly.


 No birthday messages had yet been received but it was not surprising seeing as my friends would all still be asleep on what looked to be a glorious early Saturday morning such as this. Lying awake I thought of my Mum as I did every birthday I’d had since I was eight years old. This was the ninth birthday she had missed… I quietly got out of bed then and crept to the window and looked out on one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen. I thought it a crime how so many pairs of eyes where missing such a sight, as the sun made the tops of the Scottish mountains glow almost as its light was beginning to wash over most of the scenery from my bedroom window. Just as I thought everyone would be in bed still in my house, in the peaceful silence of my room I listened hard, but I didn’t have to for long.


I could here Andrew and Victoria downstairs trying to talk quietly, distinctively being able to pick out where my Gran told my father to “Shush its still only early!” and my father replying with “But I want to wake her.” Gran replied with “You’re acting like an excited child on Christmas, let the girl sleep!” raising her voice more than he had done to make her words final. I watched as a bird landed in the back garden and began to peck at the bird seed that lay strewn across the lawn. For a moment I was glad to be alone with my thoughts. Ones of beauty, of the landscape in front of me that I saw clearly in my minds eye as I closed my eyes breathing in the peace and fresh smells of a mid July morning and then the face of my Mum. Heartache soon followed and I knew I had to leave my peaceful sanctuary before the tears began, so I did just that.

I walked down the stairs slowly and quietly, trying to leave the thoughts of my Mum behind, back in my room even though these days it was the last thing I wanted. It was like I was beginning to forget what she looked like the older I got. I stopped at the foot of the stairs and listened to my Dad and Gran who were trying to talk as quietly as they could but it was no use I could tell they were arguing.

"Andrew I'm sorry but today is the day, she has to be told today, before it is 9:32 PM when she was actually born. Do you want the pow..."

"Don’t! I don’t want any of that nonsense in my house."

"Andrew! Now you just listen to me! I am just as much her guardian as you are. Now do you want this to be sprung on her or do you want me to help prepare her because you no fine well that there’s nothing you nor I can do to stop it!"

What on earth were they talking about? ...


The End

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