Evan's World

Every time a story I'm in stops being written in, I regret it because I want to do more with that character. So I thought it'd be fun if I got every character I had into one story, with me in it.

"Ow, my body." I said in a whiny voice as I stood up. I looked around before realizing that I wasn't in my room. I was in the middle of a street I didn't recognize. How I got here I have no idea, but I quickly decided to leave and find out where I was. I ran up several streets until I finally found what looked like a downtown area. I didn't see a municipal hall, but I saw a Wal-Mart, and to me that was close enough, so I ran in.

"Excuse me! Where am I?" I yelled at the old lady who was greeting everyone. I felt kind of bad afterward but she didn't seem to mind. She just laughed.

"The town is called Squamish, hun." Did she just say Squamish? But that's where I'm from! Well if that's the case why does everything look different? I mean, I've never seen... ANY of these people before, and I've lived here my whole life. I reached in my pocket for my cell phone, but as soon as I touched it, it disappeared.

"Okay, I'm officially weirded out, where's the washroom?" She points to it as I quickly walk over and make my way to the sink and splash water into my face. I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but I didn't like it. Not the situation, the way the town looks, or the guy throwing up in the stall behind me. 

"Oh my god, I feel like I'm gonna die!" He said, as he continued to hurl.

"You gonna be all right in there man?"

"I'm not sure..." He throws up again. " Evidently not, you wouldn't happen to have any Tums would you?"

"No... then again I am in Wal-Mart, I'll be right back." I rushed out of the bathroom and into the medicine aisle, where I soon found a big box of Tums. I picked it up and was about to go to the check-out till, when I realized I had no money. I thought about it for a second, then decided not to pay for it. This guy needs it more than the store does.

I shoved the box in my pocket and walked to the bathroom, dodging a few nasty glares my way. I was almost there when the greeter from earlier screams "Shoplifter!" and points directly at me. I spin around to see three guards running towards me, and I take off in the clothing department.

I didn't have a set course so I was tripping a fair bit, and they showed no signs of slowing down. I grabbed a wall full of socks and then threw them all over the place. The first two guards were able to dodge them, but one slipped and fell. He wasn't out, but I was pretty much safe from him. I then headed into the electronics department.

I quickly realized if I threw anything on the ground here, it would be grand larceny... or vandalism, whichever refers to expensive objects. They were coming close behind me, I had no other choices. I got behind the corner and stuck my foot out, like Bugs Bunny in every cartoon he's in.

The sad thing is, it worked.

That took care of the second one, but the third and final one wasn't losing any time, as I ran directly into the toy department. By the time he got there I already had my weapon picked out. A double sided Darth Maul Light saber. I swung it around my head a few times then hit him over the head. He stumbled, but not nearly enough, as he grabbed a nerf gun and tried to shoot me. He shot five darts in a row, I dodged four and countered the fifth one back to him at double speed, nailing him in the head with just barely enough power to knock him back a little. He grabbed the dart from his head, and as soon as he look up, all he saw was the red light of my saber crashing down on him, somehow knocking him out.

I dropped my saber and ran back to the bathroom, where the guy was still throwing up.  I slid the tums under the door and he grabbed them immediately. There was a box of 20, and he ate all of them and threw the garbage into the next stall. He finally walked out, he was about my age, and looked a little like me, but with shorter hair and stronger arms.

"Thanks Evan, duely appreciated."

"No problem.... hey, how do you know my name?"

"You don't recognize me? You should, you wrote me."

I thought about what he said for a second, then my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe what was happening.


"Say it Evan, you can do it."

"... Peregrine."

The End

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