In a new high tech world, mankind is soaring at their best. They now have Intralines, half robot half human creatures who are programmed to work and to accompany. As well as this is, there is a dark secret behind these robots.
Humans are destroying the world, and little do they know that they will have to pay. With Intraline demand rising, they have become international popular. But soon the secret will be exposed.
There is only one more thing to say- 000

I balled my fists until my taut skin turned white over my knuckles. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to be afraid of. The words I repeated over and over like a lullaby in my head soothed me, and I began to walk slowly through the dark. I could barely make out the shapes of the old machienery that made up many of rooms. The factory had been abandoned for many years, after it had burnt down. None of the victims had survived to say what happened.

  This was Intra Corp, where the world famous Intraline robots used to be
manufactured. Intralines were creatures, half robot half human. In a
way, living, but still run by a generator. On the outside, they looked like normal everyday people, but inside they were filled with wires and a motherboard, where all their data was stored. They were kind things, downloaded with emotion programs, so they could function at many kinds of work like real people.

  I pulled pulled away planks of debris, from where a spot of the roof
had caved in. A door showed itself, hanging off one hinge. Careful
not to disturb any of the old, rotting material, I ducked into the
hall and turned my torch on, shining the cone of light around. All it
revealed was unsettled dust, and another door. This one was held down
by a large plank of wood over the locks. Something put there on

  The only sound was that of my footsteps echoing coldly around the musty stretch. I scuffed against the smooth ground and stopped at the door, staring at the board. It was on my side, so obviously it was there to keep what was in the other room in there, not me out. I pressed my numb, shaking fingers to the wood and pushed it up, and gasped as it slid down the door and clattered loudly to the ground. I leaped back, heart pounding like a grandfather clock in my chest.

  Everything was ghostly silent.
Nothing to be afraid of. No-one has been in here since the fire. You're just looking for the case. I leaned my shoulder against the frozen metal door and pushed, until I heard it groaning on the ground, and it opened up a shaft, into another pitch black room.

I stepped in lightly, breath held, and Ireached out to fumble with the light switch until there was a click,and three lights along the ceiling blinked into life. I turnedaround, and my heart took such a massive jump, I swore that it was inmy mouth. I swallowed the hard lump in my throat and clutched my
chest, eyes stretched wide.

Its only an old Intraline. I told myself,walking towards the female Intraline. She looked dead, shackled at the wrists and hung by rusted chains to the wall. Why would a robot be held like this? She had long black hair that covered her eyes. She was caked in brown dust and she slumped over, limp. I reached out a hand and touched her shoulder, feeling her squishy, jelly like skin, and the hard metal only a few millimetres after it. I pulled away,
watching as her skin bounced back. There was a plaque above her,
which read:

“She's not burn't.” I remarked, looking at the soot and fire damage around
the room. This seemed like the worst affected area.

Using my thumb to wipe the dust from her foreheard, I read her number.
Intralines had their version numbers on their foreheads, going from
101 to the latest model, 505. I frowned at the ingraving on this one.
000? That was odd. I always thought that the Intralines first model
released was 101. My heart gave a small shudder.

She was obviously broken, eyes closed, cold as ice. I turned to leave, took a
few steps then stopped. I heard something. Like gears changing, cogs
grinding, something rebooting. There was a loading sound, like a
monitor opening. I stiffened and pivoted around to look over my
shoulder, to see Evangeline looking at me with crimson red eyes.

The End

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