Evacuation Nation

So let's escape when things get too rough. Thinking's not necessary anyways, right?


We live in a world ruled by superficiality.

You wear what you wear to gain approval, you think things that will garner approval, and you do things that will gain you approval. Where have all the great thinkers gone? The Caravaggios, the Newtons, the Hawkings? Have they all run for the hills when they saw the vacancy in the eyes of the masses? We sit before our small temples, watching people live out their perfectly scripted lives and think

‘That kind of life might not be so bad.'

But it is, my friend; my blank and staring drone. Living through others is a sign of never having lived. You jumped ship before you even left the shore and what are you left with? Sand in which fish have pissed for eons and a blank sky to suit your blank looks. One can only hope that this disease of sameness and wanting for nothing of substance will be culled from the endless flocks to delay its' spread. But oh, it can't be stopped permanently. The longer humanity lives, the more its' people want to escape. The more we have, the more we want what we don't have. We live in a world in which the people know not what they want. Because of this, they escape time and time again to find what may be the next great answer to a question we've answered countless times. Humanity must be insane, because we do the same thing and expect different results. We run and run but end up going nowhere.

It's an Evacuation Nation, and the seats are limited.

The End

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