Eva - December Writing Assignment - Topic, Winter

My December Writing Assignment With The Topic Of Winter. Will Post Final Results At The End Of The Month :) x

Eva opened one eye and peered around cautiously. The others were asleep, their breathing a deep cadence. The clock on one of the small bedside tables read 6:30, early enough to be up, but not early enough that anyone else would be up yet. Perhaps the maids and the ladies who cooked the breakfast would be up, but other that that, the house would still be sleeping silently. The sky outside was still dark as night and a light covering of snow fell, a slow swirling that had graced the surrounding gardens in a deceiving beauty these last few weeks. But that’s all it was, a lie. This place held no beauty, no love, only an unfathomable darkness that most turned a blind eye to, not looking past the surface. To anyone on the outside this was a gorgeous home with occupants who loved to socialize and get involved in community affairs, but no one knew about what happened inside the house when no one else was there. They were no longer the kind and loving people then, but cold and heartless monsters with hatred in their eyes and violence in their minds. This hatred was aimed only at one person. Eva.

Eva. The bastard child. The omen of death. The mystical child who brought misery over all who saw her. If only. She was the child of one of the daughters of the lord who owned the property and the surrounding land, and the result of a mad mans crazy actions in the late spring almost nine years ago. The man who attacked her mother was long since dead, hunted down and killed by the lord’s men. That was before they knew of her existence. She was another matter entirely. Not only was she a bastard child but also an abomination. Her mother had died of complications shortly after giving birth to her. A crazed mans child and her mothers’ killer.

Eva pushed the covers away carefully and pulled her bag from under her bed where she had hidden it the day before. Inside she’d placed everything she held dear. A few books that she had been allowed to keep, a small gold pendant of a swan, an old rock that had been her secret keeper when she was younger, and a ring that had belonged to her mother.  She’d also packed some clothes in her bag and left plenty of room to add some more. She couldn’t pack everything yesterday or someone would have noticed, which was why she now crept quietly across the room and gathered the rest of her belongings from the wardrobe against the far wall. This room held many memories, both good and bad. She would miss her Swanbrook home but she would not miss its occupants. There was nothing here for her and no reason to remain. If even just one person was to spare a kind word for her then she would have reason to stay, to fight the battle she had been born into and shield herself from the evil words of the lord and his masters. But that word would never come, of that she was sure. All she would ever find in her time here was hatred and all she would learn was how not to live her life. If these evil people she called her family had taught her one thing it was that she would never beat a child or silence them out for who they were. Everyone should be accepted and shown the true meaning of love, even if they decided that they didn’t want to live in that world of peace and happiness.

The walk down to the gardens was a quiet and uneventful one. She saw only one of the maids who had been turning the far corner as she had rounded the other end. In the foyer she had hurried across to the shoe room and pulled out her favourite pair and added them to her bag. She donned a pair of trainers and her knee length jacket with the large buttons on the front. She picked her hat up from where it had been knocked carelessly on the floor and popped it on. At least she would have some protection from the snow when she got out there.

With one hand on the large front door handle she turned and looked back. This place had been her home for the past eight years and it was hard to believe that she may never be coming back. She may never have enjoyed her time here but at least it was somewhere she knew, somewhere that offered a little safety and some where to hide. But she must leave now or never, and while the rest of the house still lay in peaceful slumber.

The cold hit her as soon as she stepped outside and she shuddered. The harsh wind lashed out at her, long tentacle arms that scratched and pawed at her, trying to control her and use her. That, or make her change her mind. Maybe even the weather was against her and wanted her to stay in this hell where she was born. Or maybe it believed that it was foolish of her to try and leave at just a time of year when she had no where to go. Maybe the elements were the only one’s that cared for her even if they did cause a hindrance.

She ignored them and moved further out into the blizzard-like conditions with one hand holding her hat firmly in place. The tempo of the snow seemed to have increased since she had first woken up even though only ten minutes had passed. But that was all it really took to turn a dream into a nightmare. She hoped that wasn’t a hint of what was to come for her.

The trek across the gardens was a slow one as she battled the wind and struggled to see through the snow. She would not be defeated now. This was her dream, her one chance of escape. If she didn’t succeed now she doubted she ever would. A bit of snow would not hold her back. This escape from this hell was her edenbeam - her blessed ray of light and hope in the darkness that surrounded her. This one walk to the gate felt like the longest and most challenging walk she had ever made but she fought on desperately. Once she was outside of the grounds then she could walk freely and life would be hers. She would be out of the grasps of evil and into the hands of freedom. Away from here she could be herself and live as she wished to live, to enjoy the coming Christmas in the way she wanted to enjoy it. She could make all the snow angels in the world and no one could stop her. She would be free and she would be happy, and the winter would be her first true friend.

The End

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