Sometimes you cannot expect too much.



The ultimate question.


The propeller of human thought.


Many questions were answered thanks to our three-letter friend. But some persist, like a splinter in your mind that you cannot really reconcile with your inner sense of well-being. This is when all kinds of individuals scrutinize their psyches for answers.


Meet Adam, a ten-year-old Caucasian boy. Visualize yourself inside a class room with him sitting somewhere deep behind enemy lines. Twenty peers scattered around.


A new priest comes in. Hardly Aryan(racially speaking), around thirty years of age. You can tell he is a charismatic soul. You can tell he is intelligent. Ok, relatively intelligent, for all is a matter of comparison.


‘’Hello’’ he says, smiling slightly.


(You would expect some more. Not this time. This priest decides to show how brilliant his mind is. Follow me. We will stand in the corner and observe carefully. Like existential voyeurs lurking in Plato's shadows. Like rezoners who understand the mind of God.)


(In the meantime, Adam keeps laughing inside. Here is why.)



‘’Killing all those women. You killed them because they were beautiful?’’

‘’You mean hypothetically.’’



‘’This doesn’t make any sense to me. Killing a human because they’re human?’’

‘’You mean hypothetically.’’



(Mathematician’s response. You might thinks it’s called certainty. )


‘’I’d like to explain away one of the biggest riddles of our times to you ‘’ the priest’s accent catches Adam’s attention. A pleasant American variety mixed with German and French. You can tell so much based upon someone’s speech patterns. Your entire life can be read – like an open book. Some people are influenced more by extraneous influences. Some less so.


‘’I want to tell you why girls wear dresses and boys wear pants’’ the priest’s second sentence quickly follows. He clearly is eager to unravel the mystery.


(Or trousers.)


Silence permeates the class. Everyone wants to hear the answer. But I can guarantee you that Adam craves it. Images full of anthropological analyses keep flying through his head.


‘’What’s the answer, what’s the answer? Give me the ****’ answer!’’ Adam’s mind enters the realm of string theory.


(Dresses and string theory. Go figure.)


Suspense reaches its apex. The priest manages to perform an impossible feat of engineering. And I shall not tell you what that feat is.


‘’The reason that boys wear pants and girls wear dresses is….’’ a cheap tactic to induce mental suspense.


Five seconds pass. Silence. The priest spreads his hands as if it is prayer time.


‘’The reason why boys wear pants and girls wear dresses is because boys are boys and girls are girls.’’


(Adam nearly falls off his chair as the bolt of epiphany strikes.)



The End

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