FantasyFictionWriter's Euphoria

I rarely ever get that amazing happy feeling you get. I mean, I do get happy a lot, but rarely do I ever feel extremely happy.

But when I do I'm at church.

I go to church every single Sunday and Fridays. (The Friday's are for Youth Group). Whenever I get Euphoria, it's on a Friday. 

The day is perfect. It's the last day of school until Monday, I had a good lunch, everyone was nice, nobody annoys me, I don't have homework, and then, I go to church for Youth Group, which already makes me very happy. 

Why does Youth Group make me happy? Because I see all of my close and true friends there, I have a good dinner, I grow closer with God, and I have a lot of fun.

But anyways, those are the days that make me the happiest. I get so happy I am literally shaking with joy. 

Euphoria is an amazing feeling, and I hope that all of you feel that same thing, too.

Thank you. :)

The End

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