Have you ever felt that indescripable feeling of insane happiness and contentment that just seems to flutter in your chest, spinning, expanding, until you just want to fly of delight?

You have, haven't you?
I have too.

Maybe you felt it when it was snowing, and you ran into your backyard, and felt the cool touch of soft, icy snowflakes on your cheeks. Maybe you felt it when you were with that person that you can utterly and completely trust, with your secrets, with your life. Maybe you felt it when you just met that special person, who looked you in the eyes, and told you you were beautiful.

Mostly, it happens because of something so, so simple.

I can't tell you how many times I've felt it. I've felt it when there's a beautifully described scene written in a book. I've felt it when I look good and feel good. I've especially felt it when I'm exploring the strange, mysterious depths of a giant mass of water. But mostly, I've felt it when there's a song. A new song, I've never heard before.
Maybe you know what I'm talking about.

It's so hard to describe. It's a warm but cool feeling, it's crazy but calm, it's dark but light, it's melodious and full of beat. It's the wonders of snow, and the mysteries of fire.

It make you feels light like a feather in the air, just waiting to fly. Like a light, shimmery note of music shivering in the wind. Like a breath, steaming in winter's air.

Maybe you've felt it when your dreams are just close enough to touch; maybe you've felt it when you're singing a beautiful song which is amazing the person right in front of you.

Maybe you felt it when you were listening to the songs I'm listening to now.

It's so painful aswell, when you realize it.
To feel so utterly free, happy, blissful... and that's it. You can't fly. Your dreams are wisping away already. You've lost your breath underwater and have to emerge.

That's it. It doesn't last.

But for that moment... everything is perfect beyond comprehension. Everything is just within your reach. The notes linger in the air. The snow is still falling.

You can't look for it. You can't force yourself to feel it. That's just not possible. Soon enough, these songs I'm listening to will just be nice songs, not the trigger to my euphoria.

But for the moment, for that moment, for those moments, I can have it.

It's like a beautiful piano piece that drifted outside a bedroom window. It's like crystals shining in warm light. It's like a special pair of eyes you fall into.

I'm not sure if YOU'VE felt it yet. But I hope you have.

The End

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