Victoria Skie is a well known Student Photographer at Vemor, mainly because of her captious skills at angle and timing. To Victoria, and idea is like a parasite, it burries in her brain, becomes an obsession until the idea or want is fufilled. So naturally, as a swimming epidemic of deaths overcomes her beloved school and home town of Vemor, the parasite starts to dig. Will Victoria be able to fufill her obsession with capturing the victims and bringing their bodies to justice? Or will she be cr

This writing is like a cancer.

It was intoxicating. The way death called out it's name like nothing. The sounds of the long lost whispers waiting to be heard for years to come. The screams at night, from beyond the Hidden. You couldn't get away from it. Not if you were living in Vemor.
Its been the third night in the dorms. There's yelling, screaming, music blaring.
"Victoria, come on. It's fun!" I hear Cassidy scream through the halls. I shake my head, knowing that she can't see me. From beyond the halls, I can hear the wind and rain whip outside the window. I try to concentrate on that as I piece my presentation together. The human anatomy and what lies beneath.
"Victoriaa!" I hear them scream all at once. There's probably naked men and such roaming the halls, just waiting for their next victim. There was no way I was going out there.
"No!" I scream out, knowing it wouldn't make really any difference.
Unlike others, I want to pass my courses. Most of this is all a big game to them. Just a good way to get away from the rich moms and dads. Really the only way to get into Vemor.
I looked out into the night as I shut my laptop, everything saved and ready for tomorrow. It didn't take long, I've taken this Biology course four times through out the years at my old private high school. It was an interesting mix of life science and biology, though. Not much of a difference, I say.
Elizabeth tossed and turned in her bed, the expensive ear plugs obviously not working. I watched as the wind tore at the trees from the Hidden, and looked closely as the moon shone over the oaks. A shiver was sent down my spine and my long black matted hair itched at my shoulder blades. Masses of curls fell in my face as I reached down for my brush, and I yawned tiredly.
Through out all the laughing, yelling, and music, I could hear the moans and howls of the night. Sitting in bed, now, I brushed my hair back into a tie and laid down, concentrating on the rain. Slowly it soothed me to sleep, pulling me deeply into a black abyss of nothing.

"I wonder where Mr. Benet is taking us.." Elizabeth pulled on her overcoat, then pursed her lips together at the mirror. Elizabeth was one of a kind. Long blond hair, deep green eyes, and a smile that made you melt. I was jealous of her slender figure, naturally. She'd come to Vemor as a Photography major, like me.
"I've no clue, but he said to wear rain boots and bring your camera." I shrugged and threw my black thick jacket over my shoulders, tucking my jeans into my boots with my free hand.
My eyes diverted toward her hot-pink boots, that rose to her knees. She even made off colors look good.
"If this is another of his sick little jokes to make us wait out in the rain for an hour..." Elizabeth protested, mumbling on to herself. I just laughed, twisting my scarf around my neck.
The walk wasn't a long one. We were told to meet out by the willow, next to the entrance of the Hidden. My boots sloshed through the mud and I shivered as rain poured down on the top of my jacket hood. Other students stood in groups, mingling, and guessing why we might be out here.
From a distance, you could see Mr. Benet stalking toward us, shielding his camera with his jacket, dark boots sloshing through the puddles of mud. Slowly and surely he walked up to the groups that started to form as one.
"Everyone has camera, yes?" He questioned, his Russian accent poking through the wind. Mr. Benet was an old man, in his late 70's, receding hair line, and thick rimmed glasses that fell loosely on his face.
"Good, good. Now, you follow me, stay together. No drifting, stay quiet." He warned, his face crinkling with old skin. The group nodded, a couple murmurs of yes were heard, and without warning, Mr. Benet started walking into the entrance. Elizabeth and I exchanged glances before continuing right behind him.
A couple laughs were heard, an insulting joke was thrown, and Mr. Benet turned sharply on his right heel.
"I said quiet!" He hissed, and it stopped abruptly.
Slowly but surely, our group made it through the clearing, something not right shivering up my back. I could feel myself freeze as my eyes gaped at what hung in front of me. A screech, a gag, a gasp. I just froze.
Seven bodies.
Seven bodies that hung from the opening, seven bodies severed, ripped, torn, and slashed. Slowly I felt my knees lock, and my legs become paralyzed.
A child, small, bloodied. His hands, purple, his mouth, blue. A sharp tear through his side, and dry remains of his insides. Ribs cracked, eyes white and pupils large. Dry blood streamed down his face as he spun, hung from his left foot. The rain slowly washed away his existence. Water drops falling from his small rounded nose. I could still feel the fear rising and falling within him, even though he was long gone.
A loud thud brought me back to reality. Someone had dropped. I became cotton-mouthed, holding onto my camera. My only instinct, is to take a picture of the fallen student, so I do. I put up my blocker, turn on my camera, and let it flash.
Brad, a prep boy from Lexington, knocks my camera out of my hand. The tortured look on his face grasps around my lungs and all I want to do capture it.
"Your fucking sick, Victoria." He mumbled, walking over to the limp student on the floor.

The End

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