An introduction to Euphoria, where some of my stories are/will be based.

One fateful night in London, the man in charge of payments for the Wallace Memorial Mental Asylum, Denis Bates, forgot to set his alarm before he went to bed. As a result,  he got up late and everything on his To-Do list was postponed by one hour. By the time he reached the last thing on his list - the electric bill payment - he decided that the electric company could go to hell, and went to the nearest bar. He did not enjoy his new job.

What Denis Bates was not aware of was that his predecessor had also failed to pay the electric company’s bill the previous month. This led to the company cutting off the power for the Wallace Memorial Mental Asylum.

The rusty generator back up, which had not been checked for a long time, failed. All the electrically controlled gates automatically opened up, releasing mayhem that the three night-guards of the Hospital were unable to cope with. Almost all the patients managed to escape from the area.

One of these patients was Javier Braden, who then set out with some of his fellow inmates on a stolen boat in hopes of proving his theory that the Earth was, contrary to popular belief, flat. He did not achieve this, but what he did do was discover an uninhabited island in the middle of the Atlantic.

It was quite surprising to the public that such a substantial island had just been discovered. A common rumor states that the island had been submerged all these years, and had finally decided to surface. In the days of exploding populations and reducing land space, the island was a blessing to the human race.

A government was quickly developed that consisted of largely incompetent people, including Javier Braden. The government elected to name the island ‘Euphoria’, despite Javier protesting that ‘Javier’s Island’ was a much more appropriate name.

Thus, the People’s Democratic Republic of Euphoria was established. The population of the island included people from all over the world. When these people first arrived at the island, they were amazed at its natural aesthetic beauty. They proceeded to destroy the aforementioned beauty over the next few years in the name of development.

Welcome to Euphoria.

The End

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