The story of a man raised in a world of one extreme causing him to jettison his life over to the opposite in an attempt to take over the world and flip the switch on humanity back into survival mode.
Inspired by the short "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
This is going to be controversial- I am not writing this to reflect my own views. Please do not send me hateful messages about your inherited genetics causing glaucoma, cancer, low intelligence quotient, etc.

          It's 1072 d.e. (6342 a.d.) and the human race has declined.  Civilization took away the need to survive based on physical attributes, causing blindness, obesity, diabetes, and many other genetic maladies to become common in the general populace.  Civil rights movements for the mentally handicapped, criminal, and insane to reproduce for the sake of it had caused a drop in the average I.Q., from a general average of 100 to 76.

          The world follows the adequate leadership of Doctor Riesen, a man considered a genius with an I.Q. of 96, an athlete at 200 pounds and 5 feet 4 inches without a wheel chair, and a hero for the "Ries Movement," a new motion passed requiring all public areas to be equipped with seers (people with almost 20/20 vision) available to escort the rest of the population to where they needed to go.  It was a trumped up taxi service requiring all who were able to see well enough to drive to pander to the needs of those who couldn't.  Walking was out of the question, since most people were overweight or had lived lifestyles in which using their legs had been discouraged.

          Of course, there were exceptions to the rule.  The exceptionally intelligent and physically fit few kept to themselves, grouping up in the shadows and underground on rare meetings used to attend elite classes to exercise their minds and to discuss their future and ways to keep the better genetics alive.  They called themselves the Fitness Faction and answered to a man who's codename was Hawk Ochre, the tallest, strongest, smartest of all of them, and his wife Falcon Ochre, his second in command and his equal in almost every way.

The End

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