Deep Slumber

Isabelle woke to a warm stream of light burnishing her olive skin, and a harsh constant banging, paining her delicate-feeling head. Sitting up slowly, she brushed her hair out of her eyes and glanced around her room dazedly, eyes searching for the alarm clock.

10:43; She had slept the night through and well into the morning. She shrugged it off; she must have been exhausted, and besides, it was a Saturday.

Pulling a fluffily warm dressing gown around her for added heat to make up for the loss of her down duvet, she padded towards the source of the banging.

"Where's the fire James?" She asked in a lethargically sarcastic tone.

"Where's the fire? Izzie, have you any idea how worried I was?" James stormed in through the now opened apartment door.

"Worried? I only missed one class, and I'll get the notes-"

"One class? Are you serious? You've shut yourself off for almost three days, I haven't heard from you since the night we- well y'know," He finished quietly.

"Three days?" Isabelle said faintly, surprise colouring her voice.

"The last time I heard from you was Thursday night, and it's Sunday morning now Iz," He said softly, pain audible.

"I - I- how did I sleep for so long?" She said, shocked.

“Sleep? You’ve been asleep since Thursday night? Are you kidding? What did my kiss do, send you into a deep slumber or something?” James laughed, relief emanating from him in huge waves. 

Isabelle wished she shared his relief. It had something to do with the grey woman. She just knew it. She hadn’t dreamt it up, it hadn’t been some crazy homeless woman that Isabelle’s imagination had hyped up, it - it had happened, it was real. 

She fell back against the wall, and James caught her in surprise.

“Are you alright Iz?” He asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just fine. I'm just- I just don't understand how I slept for so long," 
"Don't worry honey, you probably caught a virus or something, plus you've been working too hard, sure it gets to you ..."
"Hmm, maybe so." 
Isabelle let him pull her into his arms, and rested her head against his shoulder, with her head heavy with confusion and his warm musky smell washing over her.

The End

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