Eternity of loveMature

What if you were born, fell in love, and then were cursed to die because of the guy you loved? Sally Johnson is a normal human teenager, but she has been born and died of a total of seven times. She is back and Sally is just about to turn 18 years old. What happens when the guy she keeps falling for meets her at school again? Will they love each other or will he avoid her at all costs? Plus he has a secret, he is a vampire.

Sally just arrived at her new school. She was running late like she always does. Her father kept her home later than she thought. Sally took out her schedule and a map of the school. She wasn't looking at where she was going, when she bumped into someone. Sally's books went tumbling down to the floor." Oh I am so sorry."She bends down and starts picking the books up. Sally looks up and blushes. She bumped into a tall, dark haired young man." No it's all my fault." He spoke in a deep, low voice. Sally stood up and had put her books in her bookbag."I'm Sally. I'm new here." She smiles. " My name is Matthew." He stared at her with a nervous look. "Well I better get going."Sally giggled." Maybe I will see you later." Matthew looked at her." Yea maybe."He says in a cold tone. She walks into her first class and sits down at the nearest seat. The teacher stands up, walks over to the board and begins to write notes on the board. Sally was to busy with thinking about Matthew, instead of taking notes.
The End

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