Eternity FallsMature

Hope. Its all we got.

Look around you. Now stop. Now look again. Stop. Feel your pulse. Is it steady? Roll your eyes. Drink the coffee. Close your eyes. Now fall back. It's ok. It will not hurt. Fall back gently. Lean against the railing and then a little more. Fall through the years, and hit the ground.

Now stand up. I told you, it wouldn't hurt. You'll feel drowsy. That's ok. It only gets better from here on.

So ... welcome back. We missed you out here. We've changed the layout a little, so don't get lost.

Walk through the door. And sit down on the chair placed in the middle of the room. A beautiful woman stands by it, naked. You will not be expecting such beauty, so try not to stare at her. Sit and wait. Someone will join you soon.

The End

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