I thought he would stop lying to me now I was almost invicible. Also I hated the fact he was keeping back. I loved him so much couldn't he see that.

Obviously not cause he held me back from going over the boundary. He said when I was human was cause I was fragile. Well, I'm not fragile any more and guess what the excuse is. I'm emotional from the change and I'm to young it would seem to him like he was taking advantage.

I wouldn't mind if he took flipping advantage. I wanted him and I could tell that some how he wanted me. I could tell he was finding it hard to hold back that this restrait was pointless.

I shuffle making my body close to his warmth. His arms are wrapped around me securely and I'm wondering what he's thinking.

"What are you thinking?" My voice is soft calm and has hint of interest in it. His eyes are light as they turn to mine more charcoal gray than the midnight black when he's very emotional, like happiness, hunger.... passion.

I shiver yet again even though I'm not cold. I feel his lips move to my throat, at one time that would have frightened me as well as be pleasurable.

Fear that he would do the deed and bite me turning me. I wish it had been him. He wouldn't have left me in the cold while I changed with a possibility someone would find me.

"I'm thinking, that you smell amazing" He whispers it against my skin and it tickles. I turn and catch his lips with mine.

I force him back against the chair and he place his hand on my waist as I sit across his lap.

"You're going to have to go out soon" I mutter sensing the tension in his movements. He nods and kisses me again pulling my face close to his. I shiver and tangle my fingers in his hair.

It's passion and god damn lovely. But I know he won't go any further than this even if I tried.

At least this will last for a while since his restrait has crumbled slightly.

The End

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