He pulled away looking at her face knowing she wanted more.  Her skin was still burning from his touch and she reached up to pull his face in for another kiss.

'You shouldn't tire yourself out.'  He gently pushed her away.  'You're still young.'  She held on to him as he led her towards a chair.

'I feel so alive.'  She felt high on the aftermath of the change.

'I know, most people do at first but it'll wear off and I don't want you to be to tired.'  He sat in an armchair and pulled her onto his lap.  The amount of power he needed to retrain him from kissing her was too much.  He started covering her neck with kisses.  Elisa giggled.

'I thought you were the sensible one.'  They didn't stop until they heard someone clearing their throat in the doorway.  Alex recognised him at once.

'I've got to talk to him.  Don't move.'  He gave her one last kiss and then walked over to the vampire in the doorway.  'What is it now Felix?'

'We know you are...occupied.'  Felix looked over Alex's shoulder at Elisa curled up in the armchair.  'But...'

'But what?'

'They need to see you, about her progress.'

'What progress, she has only just become one of us.'  Alex turned to walk back but Felix grabbed his arm.

'You know things are meant to happen quicker for her.  You need to report.'  His voice was becoming urgent.

'I will report when I feel I have something to tell and not before.'  Again Alex tried to walk away but Felix held his grip on his arm.

'You know you have to do as they say.'

'I will not answer to them.'  Alex broke Felix's hold and walked back over to Elisa.

'What was that about?'  He picked her up and sat her back on his lap holding her as close as he could.

'Nothing.  I'm all yours, what do you want to do?'

The End

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