I wake to bright lights. I wince and bring a hand up to cover my eyes.

"I'll turn it off" As soon as its said its done. I look up at my angel.

"Alex" The words scratch my throat as they come out. A hand is placed in my hair and past through, its short cut just below the chin and has a side fringe.

I feel pain in my stomach... my throat. My eyes search the room finding nothing interesting.

Just a bookcase, a desk with chair, wardrobe and the bed. No objects an open clear untouched room.

I feel a hand in mine and consentrate on Alex.

"I'm sorry" He whispers the words softly and carringly.

I feel warmth around my heart. It will never be inside again. My heart is forever cold. Forever frozen in time.

I will never have another heartbeat, never have to eat again even though most of them eat for the pleasure

But I will have to drink but not anything I would consider normal. Blood, the sickly sweet metalic taste can be smelled from down stairs. The maid, the kitchen staff, the driver.

"I'm thirsty" The words once again hurt but I know what I need to stop it from hurting.

Alex's nods his head and I take his hand. Pulling me on to my feet he leads me down the hall.

He calls the maid to the living room. She probably knows what he called her for. Especially when she see's me standing, waiting.

They know all about it yet they don't leave. It confused me when I found that out.

But it soon became worthless when.... He said that I was perfect material. Then the hunt began people trying to seduce and train me.

Even Alex tried but he fell pray to me more than I fell to him.

I make sure to thank her before I sink in my two sharp teeth.

The blood is nothing like I expected. It is no longer the tangy metalic liquid that I licked of some of my cuts when I was a child, it's soft, sweet, energy.

I make sure to keep her alive and two men come in to carry her out. Garden staff I think.

"What did you think?" Alex pulls me to him pressing his lips to my neck and slowly moving up kissing my skin. It still makes me shiver, not from cold but from something else. Something I don't understand.

"Different from what I expected" The words are hard to get out the more higher his mouth gets up my neck.

I'm starting to lose logical thoughts. He reaches my lips and kisses me passionately hands tight on my waist.

My hands slide up into his hair, gripping tightly. I know this might last a while and I'm glad it will.

The End

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