Eternity, don't speak of itMature

If you value your life do not come to Eternity.
This town is dangerous, secret, no one knows the truth but you can easily find it.
But you won't remember anything about the secret once you leave.
The fact the whole town is run by vampire's.

Don't force me to tell you about the town, Eternity. I live there yes but I fear it with all of my heart.

Ever since I came to live there I knew something was wrong. No one told med anything even though they knew I wanted to know.

I regret a few things like why didn't I just have stayed at home for another few months waiting for a place some where else instead of rushing into this.

Also I regret the fact my heart is now skipping to many beats telling me more obviously what I know is going on.

I'm changing. My heart beats are numbered. I have very few left.

I wish someone will find me before I pass out. Just so I know I'll be safe when I wake up.

The change some said can be painful they say you can scream for all 4 or 5 nights. It depends on the person how long it will take.

Ha, look at me talking so calmly about my death..... Well, I will be dead even though I will be breathing, walking, seeing, smelling and everything but having a heart beat.

I suppose thats going to be half living possibly. Ha, living dead they were called that.

My eyes feel tired I must be passing out. Uh, so much pain yet.... so peaceful.

The slam of doors, feet running, voices.

"Is she hurt?" The voice hardly reaches me though the pain.

"No she's perfectly fine see" Fingers on my wound. Two small pricks close but distant.

There, bite mark.

"She'll be one of us in a few hours" The second voice. I think I recognize it.

"Who do you think got her?" I don't know that one I'm sure of it.

"Do I really have to tell you?" No, he doesn't. Everyone in Eternity knew who wanted me...... turned.

I hope Alex is okay. He wasn't here when I got caught. A scream, my scream. Shrill and painful.

"We need to get her out of her" The simular voice says.

"We should take her to Alex" Ah, so he's okay. That's a relief, so soothing that I let go of the last grip on humanity I held and let myself tumble into the darkness.

The End

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