Eternity Awaits

I don't understand, how can time fly so fast?
I look at my watch-It's already a quarter past.
Now I'm concerned-not about it being late-
in the day, but instead there's this little debate:

People are frettin', and flippin', all for no reason
In my mind, each hour is another season.
They come and they go. What does this all mean?
It's obvious it's not as important as it seems.

Yes you're scheduled for here at eleven o'clock
and for a therapist at two who tries to get you to talk.
But wouldn't it be better if time ceased to exist?
No clocks on the wall-no watches on your wrist.

An eternity to work and become the best man-
at what you do, and you'll never have to ask for a hand.
No speeding on the highway or meeting deadlines.
You can have your work, and be happy too-that's fine-

I don't know about you but I'd rather enjoy-
an eternity of peacefulness in heaven with no noise.
Just the sweet sound of angels- singin' a hymn.
All the amazing things to tell! I don't know where to begin!

So go ahead and work for accomplishments of the flesh.
But you'll be working with no rest if you get too obsessed.
Instead take a minute from your daily routine-
to pray to the Lord and to blow off some steam.

He's always there, He'll always hear you out.
You should believe this in full, and never have a doubt. 
If you ask Him to help you to be a success-
You'll make it through the day with little or no stress.

So forget about time for a minute or so.
Pray for anything. Only you and God will know.
If you don't please just think this out a little bit.
If you keep this in mind then you might not forget:

Ask yourself this question it might just give you a perk:

"An eternity in Heaven, or an eternity of work?"

The End

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