a short story about a girl stuck in time and eternity.


Facing the world all alone in the middle of the forest lived a girl who didn’t deserve the punishment she was going through. Things had happened to an innocent, young and lively girl, today the person going through the pain is a woman who has aged million of years ahead of time.

And she waited, for a savior.

Everyday she got up and hoped that this would be the day when I break free from the curse.

Her heart longed to go and bask in the beauty of the forest but she could just live as a recluse in the vast forest brimming with laughter of the nature mocking her and enticing her to break the boundaries which couldn’t be ever crossed.

Everyday she hoped that someone would come along and make her loneliness go away.  Her silence and loneliness wasn’t a search for solitude but a prolonged chastisement.

But today was a different day. God took pity on her and sent a man that way.

He came walking on the path that took him to the mansion in the middle of the forest.

He had heard stories about the place. Being the new teacher at the only school in the town he was showered with stories native to the town. They told him about the story of the girl who had cursed her life and family forever. Rumor has it that she had performed some kind of magic that boomeranged. But this story ranged to 19th century. But people who have had the courage to go up to the house of the living dead ( that’s what they called the mansion)  have seen a girl who angelic yet had such sorrow in her eyes that you could hear her silent scream piercing your heart and you would go cold and run away from the pain and suffering.

Our protagonist was a brave man of an adventurous nature. Moreover stories like this interested him. So he asked some of his new acquaintances to guide him to the Ridley’s mansion. But they didn’t agree. They didn’t want another teacher running away. Yet he persisted and they said they would guide to the path but wouldn’t go up to the mansion. Isn’t it right as well? No one wants to burden themselves with the pain of others. They wait for a savior themselves. How can they be the savior of another?

Thus on a night which showed the moon in a crescent and shone light as well as on a full moon the group of five set out to the forest of the living dead.

Their torches showed them the path ahead which was thick with foliage and showed animals in their scarred identity masks.

They walked for an hour or two till they reached the trees encircling the mansion.

Here the other four departed giving their best wishes to our protagonist who was feeling a cold sweat break on his forehead on finding himself alone suddenly with in the reaches of a mansion notorious for its haunting and wild creatures who lived unleashed and commanders of their wishes willing to attack a new creature in their territory.

He said, ‘god bless me’ and took a step towards the middle of the circle.

The mansion was huge and oppressing in the darkness. It had huge pillars with gargoyles on them. Huge windows all darkened except one and a lonely figure standing there. She glowed in an angelic aura. She saw him too. He was the savior she waited for an eternity. She could feel it. Her days and years and decades and centuries of yearning was going to come to an end now.

He was in a trance by her beauty. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. And the pain in those eyes mingled with the love was something so soothing to his hollow heart. He felt something he has never experienced ever before. The feeling evoked deep and intense emotions in him that were immeasurable and which shook him to the core of his soul.  He broke out of the reverie and ran towards the door. It opened easily and he went in, in search of the window that opened a part of his heart which had been closed.

He ran in frenzy in search of her and she, for him until they were at the ends of the same corridor. They stood there staring unblinkingly into each others eyes. Minutes passed then he took a step towards her and she broke into a run and came right into his arms. And then she cried something she hadn’t done in an eternity. But these tears were not of pain but of joy. He pulled her back and looked into her eyes. Those streaming black eyes that shone like diamonds pulled him towards her. She led him to a room filled with a crackling fire. She made him sit on a chair and  sat at his feet. Then she did what she had been waiting to do since as long as her memory took her. She poured out her heart to him. She told him how she had acquired this curse of immortality.

She had lived a normal life with her family but it seemed like hundreds of years back and was.  

One day she was walking in the forest alone at night and had come upon a covenant. There were women who sat in a pentagram shape and sang curses in their ravenous voices. The fire burnt in the middle and it seemed that all other creatures had buried themselves out of sight. Then right in front of her she saw those women turn into beautiful angels but their eyes had not changed. They still had the same hunger, acrimony and rancor. They left after sometime leaving the fire crackling and their things there. She took this opportunity to see through their things. There she found their book of darkness. She got so lost in it that she didn’t realize that the witches were back and had fixed an eye on her. She sensed them there and looked up with fear in her eyes. Their eyes had fury mixed with hatred she hadn’t seen ever before. She was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t move. They came close and formed a circle around her and chanted words she couldn’t distinguish and everything seemed like a blur everywhere. And then her eyes closed.

When she woke up it was in her mansion. She rushed through the house because everything seemed wrong. There was a thick layer of dust on everything and the place was filled with utter darkness and however loud she screamed she couldn’t find anyone. Not her mother not her brother nor father.

She wept with no tears in her eyes and no more sound left in her voice. Her heart felt numb. She tried going out in search of the witches but there was a curse binding her to the mansion. She couldn’t get out. And she implored him to find the witches and lift this curse from upon her. He promised her he would. Thus he set out on the path she had explained. He was again walking alone in the forest and for one hour that he walked it all seemed so surreal to him. But he still walked on until he reached the place and indeed there were five women sitting in a pentagram shape chanting. He walked up to them. They had sensed his arrival and broke their chanting to look at him. He saw their ravenous eyes filled with loathing but he pleaded and begged them to listen to him. They listened to him because they found it entertaining to see a mere mortal bend in front of them. They heard him out and decided to help him but with the condition that he would have to be their slave unto eternity. He agreed because he wanted to see her happy and living again. He loved her deeply.

Thus it is that we come to the end of the story.

She revived. She woke up on a beautiful morning remembering nothing that had occurred. She walked up to her mother and hugged her remembering nothing but with an ominous feeling in her heart. She felt like she had woken after ages of sleeping in darkness. She felt the longing in her heart but couldn’t place the feeling. Her memory failed her but not her heart.

And he awaits for a savior….since eternity, unto eternity.

The End

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