Give them backMature

"Just give them back Shadow and you can have the stone" Eternal snaps. Shadow laughs and then stops just smiling.

"We both no you can't hold on to that long without becoming your past self" Shadow says smiling.

The realisation hits Eternal. "No" She whispers. She yanks it out the edges of the stone already crumbling to dusk. "Drake!"

She throws it to the dragon who catches it easily. As soon as he catches it he stumbles.

"That won't help Eternal.... you've bonded to it" Shadow says smiling. Eternal turns to stare frightened at Shadow.

"Please... Just stop" Eternal whispers. Shadow smiles.

"No.... you'll be the darkness and light you were born to be..... untouchable" Shadow looks past Eternal. Eternal turns to see Falcon watching also in fear.

Now Eternal just feels loss. Total Loss. "What is he talking about?" Falcon whispers.

Eternal looks away and at the floor so Life answers. "She's going to become a true immortal..... she's gonna BE Space and Time if that stone bonds with her. That was the reason she got rid of it.... so she could be human"

"Eternal" Falcon whispers.

"Give them the group" Eterna whispers looking at Shadow. He smiles then nods. A gate opens and the group are shoved out.

"Everyone besides Eternal may leave" Shadow says.

"No!" Falcon screams but he's grabbed by guards and the group while trying to fight are dragged from the castle.

"Don't you get it Falcon.... You can't touch her. Even if she was with you she would kill you. Now go. Maybe that Dragon can help you find a way to make her normal again" And with Shadows words echoing through the castle the gates slam closed.

The End

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